Nine Muses slay a bit with Hurt Locker

So far the majority consensus has been that this summer of comebacks has been…well…bad.
I personally have not disliked a single comeback yet. But…I have not truly been that impressed. Well Nine Muses decided to remedy that with their comeback Hurt Locker.

I won’t even pretend that I don’t love this. I do. Musically, it is color, and diverse, and fun. There is something about the beat, especially in the verses, that just makes me…live. Like I could fuck up the summer to this track. I jsut want to talk about how much I really love the verses musically. While I doubt this is new musically, it stands out. The repetition in the back while whomever is singing up a scale…it just warms my heart. The chorus is very typical EDM that we hear in K Pop. If I had a complaint about that, it’s that they could have gone bigger on the harmonies. I know the ladies of 9Muses are not top notch vocalist, but I do want grand harmonies when they can happen. Part of me just wants them to be extra, but what was given here was fine…eh. Another complaint that I have is that I just hate that the verses and chorus don’t line up musically. The rest of the song sounds like one record, but the verses sound like another. And the part of the song that could have bridged that gap, didn’t. But other than that, I was feeling the song.

If I had issues with the song, the music video helped eliminate some of them. The girls are in a storage area that is oddly much brighter than what they usually are. Probably the K Pop effect. Still I liked it. The colors spelled summer, the ladies looked great, and we got a wide shot of them dancing on top of a unit. That’s all I can ask for. I kind of wish they had a shot of them dancing in their individual units and they were high up. Would have been cool…but…it didn’t happen so. The video is pretty standard, but the on set location, the colors, and the looks…it’s not bad.

Hurt Locker is the second Nine Muses comeback that I am experiencing and I am actually into this more than the last one. I don’t know if I would call this perfection, or even the best, but I do like the sounds and the overall vibe it brought to the summer.

Their S/S edition album is out right now if you want to hear more from them!


Sources: NineMusesCH


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