SNSD coming back with three singles and here is a taste of them

SNSD’s comeback is one of the most anticipated ones of the summer, and with good reason. SM seems to be pulling all the stops as SNSD are returning with three different songs. One is a pre-release, while the other two are going to be the promo tracks.

For a taste of these three tracks…here you go.

All three songs sound promising in their own ways. Party is going the typical summer song route, which means there is going to be major emphasis on simplicity (a rarity for SM), summer specific pop cliches, and a chorus that won’t leave you alone. In short this might be the most accepted single SNSD have put out in years. The colors and open area in the video look really good. We seem to not be getting that same cinema quality that some of SM’s other acts have been getting. But I guess all is well.

Lion’s Heart is going a different direction than it’s title would suggest. It falls in line with SNSD’s more subdued pop. Retro in sound, and image (Wait A Minute off their last ep). The video looks typical them. Dancing in a box, looking pretty shots, and bad wigs.

You Think is the sassy them, which balances out the more “classy” pop vibe from Lion’s Heart. We getting “intense” dancing (jusdging from the trailer), high notes, more aggressive singing in general…and the video looks…well it looks nice.

Overall this is my excitement level: Party>>Lion’s Heart/You Think

I think the last two are what we expect from them, and to be honest, they haven’t been going that well with those concepts and images. I always think it is missing just a little something. Party seems like there is no expectations other than to be an earworm.

Well we will find out what’s good come July 7th, when Party is to be released. The dates for the other singles have not been determined as far as I know.  But you can best believe I am going to talk about it.


Source: SMTOWN



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