KuzzReviews: G. Soul is successful in making me a fan

G. Soul is one of JYP’s solo acts, and his 10+ year trainee that just debuted this year. His debut was all the way in January, and I will admit it was nice. I think my biggest issues is that I wanted more from him then. Like it felt too short for me, and I was kind of waiting for him to pop off musically. That didn’t happen, but the songs were still rather solid (especially the opening track Coming Home which had a very dark Weeknd like vibe to it).

Well it has been several months later, and JYP’s R&B singer decided to bless us with a new project.

Love Me Again

I hate that it’s only three songs, but in those three songs, G. Soul did a good job.

The standout for me has to be Beautiful Goodbye. The beat is dark, the lyrics simple. It reminds me of Want You by Crush, which became a favorite of mine off his album.

The title track Love Me Again, is very R&B pop, light and sad. I find that his “promo” tracks tend to be more Pop oriented, and traditional in appeal. They are the songs you can expect to hit the mainstream. I also like this song more than You.

Stop Running From Love feels like the final song. The song is also in English, and shows us that G. Soul has skills in a different language.

Love Me Again is a short and sweet listen. There is something more lively about G. Soul here that I was wanting on the first ep. The music feels a little more complete. I think G. Soul is moving in the right direction, and this just makes me even more excited to see him carve his place in the music world.

Source: K Pop Music Group


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