Global Icon is still a thing, and they have new members

Okay so K Pop has a tier system. I am starting to looking at it in the same sense as the class divisions in the states.

The Wealthy/1%: SNSD, 2NE1, Sistar, f(x),

Upper Middle class: Exid, Girl’s Day, Apink,

Middle Class: Most of the new groups that have made an impression

Lower Middle Class: Rainbow, Dalshabet, girl groups that haven’t completely fallen/failed, but well they are struggling.

Below the poverty line: Any defunct group, groups that continue on with no signs of hope.

Global Icon…well they fit the BPL. Having come out in 2013, they debuted with a look that no one else was fucking with, preferring to amp up the androguny and do songs that were usually exclusive to the fellas. Needless to say that didn’t take. And…they kind of just…well disappeareds. I thought they were over, until recently. Apparently they have three new members…


Ji a-min

Uhm…okay. So this is what we got. I don’t know who has stayed but I know GI wasn’t a large group in the first place, and they did lose a couple of members. So…yeah. Ji a-min sounds nice and promising. The other two look like fillers. Also if it is any indication from another video on Sim Tongs official YouTube channel, the girls were leaving their androgynous vibe anyway, so I don’t know what the group is going to come back as, I do think that if/when they make an official come back we won’t be getting the same thing as before…maybe something more…traditional for girl groups.

Groups like GI (and to an extent AoA) seem to be a lesson for all. The status quo is a lot harder to break.


Sources: SIM Tong (1, 2, 3)


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