BTS’s Dope is…well it happened.

BTS are pretty much doing backflips in terms of their growing popularity. Their last come back was a success, with massive numbers coming in for their ep. They even manage to get a couple of wins in the war between Exo and Big Bang. Couple that with growing recognition in certain members, and them being able to actually tour outside of their home country…you are looking at one of the success stories of 2013.

So in light of that…and just right before them hopping over to Japan…Big Hit decides to push their luck and have the boyband do follow up promotions…because they so desperately need to.

I like the song, even though I am over their whole the pro youth commentary. Like as nice as that is, what issues are we talking about? How y’all niggas feel about the LGBTQ+ community in South Korea? What about the Foreign relations? Bullying in the class rooms? Feminism? Like this message is really vague to me. But whatever. They idols that are at the very least saying something. It’s nice in an industry where agency is rather limited, to see a group with as much control as they have exist.

The song is hot, and this is one of them times where I love the aggressive nature of the rapping. Also the line distribution feels a lot more even than what I am used to from them on a promoted track.

So yeah Dope is cool…but it falls flat on the video.

The problem with the video is how cheap it looks. That’s it. I understand that this is the follow up and they didn’t have to put a lot of money into the budget…but…that background looked super tacky. Like just get a camera and go into a warehouse/empty studio with a black wall, and film it. I just…this was just obviously edited, and that was money wasted. What’s sad is most of the budget for this was probably put into their teasers which looked great.

Well that’s it. Dope is cool as a song. The video was whack, the choreo was good per usual. That’s it.


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