Wonder Girls to make a comeback in August

It has finally happened. Yubin’s two year long vacation has ended! The Wonder Girls are back!
Or in the process of coming back.
So…yeah…I’m excited. A couple of days ago it had been reported that the Wonder Girls were coming back. With a quickness JYP denied that, saying their usual, there is nothing decided bs.
Well apparently they were lying through their teeth, because the Wonder Girls are indeed on their way back…with a modified group.
Members Lim, Yubin and Yeeun are returning as active members of the group, while Sohee and Sunye are not. In their place we get Sunmi though! Yeah we are losing two very important members to the group…BUT…we are getting a comeback.
We should just be happy that Yubin and Lim are working again. I had no doubt that Sunmi and Yeeun would do more musically, but those two…they just seemed to sit in comfort living their lives. Like I said…Yubin’s two year vacation has ended. Now let’s live in the Glory that is one of their best singles to date.


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