The video for Catch Me If You Can ft Jessica leaked

So the last…day (?) has been nothing but comebacks and a leak. Someone got a hold of the original version of Catch Me If You Can. SM said they were going to sue, but nigga this the internet.

Anyway what started out as screencaps of her in the video looking poorly edited in (She is in the way back in one scene and off in my opinion), turned into audio snippets of her parts, which turned into an instagram snippet of her in the video, and now we have snowballed to the fullest…a full video.



I mean ole girl is relevant to like…three or four parts of the song…and then…nothing. Like…I just…

The song is pretty much still going to be the Dance Line ft segments from the Vocal line. Like I was waiting for her to take a section of the verses…and she didn’t. Like there have been people that swear up and down she was that important to the song…and she wasn’t. To be honest this was the dance line’s moment.

Never the less…this has reignited that civil war within that fandom. It’s a mess, but that’s to be expected. I’m staying out of it so…

I still like the song. I spin and do deathdrops to it. I don’t care.




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