Sistar’s Shake It

To round out the triple hit that has been today, Sistar gives us their latest summer offering, Shake It.

I’ve just come to accept that 2012-2013 was a fluke for Sistar, and that we are stuck with this…

The song is aiming to be fun. Just listening to it, it sounds like a block party type track. Something they want you to throw on at a daytime party like a cook out or birthday party. I don’t know. It’s very summery, very daytime. Like I still find myself bopping my shoulders to the beat. Like I feel that warm fun sound. I just don’t know if I am believing it.

THIS is not bad, but am I truly feeling it? That’s what I am having trouble figuring out right now. I mean at the very least that is a good sign: I don’t hate it, but I don’t know if I like it. I could grow to like it. This is also one of their few tracks that doesn’t put emphasis on Hyorin as the main vocalist which is surprising.

The video is mindlessly fun, fitting the song. Just like AoA, we have a group set in high school. Unlike AoA, Sistar are not really following a concrete story line. The colors are bright, the girls look great, and the dance looks simple and stupid. That’s all you can ask for.

Shake It feels like it is going to be a blip in Sistar’s career, and hopefully it is just that. The song seems like it is designed to be catchy, and fun, and to someone out there it very well may be. But I just can’t wrap my head around the song. I want to like it, and maybe I will. But right now, I will just let this sit where it is.



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