More SIXTEEN Eunsuh, Chaeyeon and MoMo do a dance cover.

So because it just seems to have popped into JYPE’s head to make sure that people remember the parting three participants, we get a dance cover of My House by Eunsuh, Chaeyeon and MoMo.

You can watch here

So apparently my fondness for the Chae sister extends to her older sister. Chaeyeon slayed. We didn’t get to see much of what she was capable of during the show, so this is nice. She seemed like the main focus of the dance for the most part. Eunsuh got a little more time than her, and is shown to be a good dancer, but still. It’s nice to know she still with us.

I just want to bring up something I said earlier: there were far too many dancers on this show. I almost want to think that JYP was going to cut from that pack specifically because there were far too many in comparison to the rest.

Huzzy fanfiction/theory moment: Maybe most of the group was already decided, but they needed to find specific spots, and that is why were so many dancers in comparison.

Also there have only been three eliminations (two more coming before we get to the final group decision from what I have heard). Once again…I don’t think they should have included the elimination aspect to the show because of how the show ended up going anyway. But that’s just me

Anyway, it’s nice seeing the other girls. MoMo had her time in the sun and she was/is beloved by a portion of the fanbase already. Eunsuh and Chaeyeon were not so lucky, and as seen here, they are talented (Chaeyeon really slayed the fuck out of me).

Sidenote: Baek Yerin’s voice can be heard in the background in a different room. Just wanting to point that out. #FavesDoingThings


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