A Sistar Follow up

I think I posted that too soon, because now I have more thoughts. Well a thought that I have expressed a couple of times now.

Sistar is one of the top tier groups. They have managed to become one of the few none big 3 groups to hang with the best. Their singles are generally hit makers. They have been around for five years. They are a senior group now. And they are still doing the same things.

The packaging is different, but the results are ultimately the same. From Push Push, to How Dare You, to So Cool, to Touch My Body, to Shake It. All of these feel the same to me. I don’t think the concept of growth has truly hit Sistar. I’m not looking for the ladies to start questioning society and being deep and introspective. I don’t expect them to start making complex music. That is not what I want. There is nothing wrong with doing fun and light-hearted pop songs that are meant to make you get up. I just think it is not out of their reach to do more. And they have done more. Alone and Give It To Me stand out as two songs that deviate from their fun positive pop image, and they are possibly their most successful singles. So why is it that Sistar, after having two singles that brought them a chunk of their success are stuck reverting to the same old concept?

That is my problem with Shake It. That was my problem with Touch My Body. These songs came after a period where Sistar looked to be stepping up and trying something different. Taking their pop more seriously. Only to go back to what they know (from 2011).

So yeah, Shake It is fun. Shake It isn’t bad. But Shake It is also repetitive and borderline redundant for a group like Sistar.


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