Teen Top is nothing but footwork on Ah Ah

Well today is nothing but constant releases, and our second one that we care about is Teen Top. They are back with a new album, and their promo track is called Ah Ah.

Into it.

I am a fan of R&B, and I appreciate when we get to hear throwbacks to the short but beloved New Jack Swing era. Ah Ah is like many K Pop R&B tracks: it is stuck in the past, and only follows one of two patterns. Slow and full, or faster and somewhat lively. Ah Ah, follows the latter. It’s a nice little groove. It’s like it is really chill and just going along, but when you really listen to it, you can hear that oomph. I don’t know how to explain it properly outside of saying it is deceptively smooth. Teen Top themselves kind of hit with good results. The chorus of the song is really chill. Like they are harmonizing but they just never get bold or big. It’s very chill. I like that in contrast to the beat. I do wish they would pop off at some point in the song, just to break the monotony. The song is nice, and they made sure to place the rappers at points to give the song some much needed lift. I just wish the vocalist were not stuck being as passive sounding the entire time. The rappers bring the energy but I bet that is because most idol rappers don’t know how to do anything other than be aggressive on songs so.

The video is nothing new, but it is fun. It houses one of the cleanest and brightly colored diners I have ever seen. The real thing to take away from this video is that these guys got some mean ass footwork going on. I like it. Really keeps with the whole stuck in the early 90’s vibe going on. But yeah other than that, we are looking at a very standard music video. It’s effective though. Guarantee that fans will love it and be giffing all the important parts.

There really isn’t much to say


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