AoA makes high school look better than it was in Heart Attack

AoA is back with yet another Brave Brother’s track, and I still don’t hate it.


AoA and Brave Brothers have a good thing going for them since last year. Mini skirt got them some play, then Short Hair, and then later Like A Cat. Well they decided to push their luck and see what they could do for a fourth time.

Heart Attack leaves that vague R&B and Jazz inspired style of pop that BB loves, and what has helped AoA become a hit. We get some of his more electro-pop sounds which definitely work here. It’s much more summer oriented, so I am not mad. I actually really like the beat. It sounds like one of those club mixes that you can only appreciate when not sober. I also really like that they did go for a different sound. I think after three releases, it was time for them to mix it up. While they still went with Brave Brothers, this is definitely different for him considering what he usually releases.

I find the song to be good, but I find AoA to be a rather one note kind of group. I like AoA, but after several releases now, it is becoming apparent that the group really relies on certain members to carry them musically. It works well when they can slink through a song like Mini skirt, or Like A Cat, but they are trying for an edgier brighter sound. A little more oomph was needed and no one brought it. I even had a hard time really hearing ChoA on this. Heart Attack just needed something strong in terms of voice on the song, but still…this is a good track. Like I am not mad at it at all.

The video is fun. I like the story line, and it actually made sense even up the end. How rare is that? I’m not going to give an in depth description of the video, but I do like how they managed to handle two different story lines and neither one of them suffered. I was also surprised that Jimin didn’t play a larger role in the video considering her fame and what not (yes I am aware she got some backlash from UPS).

Heart Attack is progress for the group in terms of sound. It breaks the monotony that both AoA and BB have for themselves. However AoA is a group that heavily relies on the skills of maybe three people. This song is energetic and fun, but I could barely even identify the group’s most distinct singers. The track is good off of merit, but could be great with some force from the group. The video thankfully is good. Fun and easy to follow, this is definitely their best video yet.


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