Mamamoo’s Um Oh Ah Yeah makes me uncomfortable

One of the rookies of 2014 have made their return. After doing the pre-release game with Ahh Oop!, Mamamoo have made their full comeback with a new mini album called Pinky Funky. To promote that, the group has released the awkwardly titled Um Oh Ah Yeah.

Well I like the song. Mamamoo drop that weak and very dated, R&B sound they were going with, for a slightly less dated, albeit it generic, and fun sound. I think there could have been a little more oomph. Maybe a more popping chorus. This could have easily been a Bestie song, and I wasn’t exactly impressed immediately with Excuse You either. The song feels kind of stagnant on top of a somewhat lively beat. Still, I find it better than most of their other releases. Definitely a grower, and at the very least a fun song that does not take itself seriously.

Alright…so for the reason that this song makes me uncomfortable. First the song title is terrible. Next the video has a lot of bad things going on. A lot of sexual harassment (Solar’s and Hwasa’s scenes). A lot of unnecessary drugging (despite being a response to the unwanted attention that Hwasa was giving to Solar). A lot stalking. A lot of behavior that is not acceptable. I just see a lot of bad in this video, and even if you remove it, there isn’t really a strong enough plot. Like the plot itself is something about a girl stalking another girl because she thinks she’s a man. Nothing about that is cute.

To end this post, I would like to present to you the dance version, which personally made me enjoy the song a lot more.


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