Sistar are basically living up to that bully rumor in the Shake It teaser

For the past couple of weeks, I have been keeping up with Sistar, and their pre-release promo campaign. Needless to say I am confused, annoyed, and just want the album. What started as something that could have been awesome and ultimately a step up for them in terms of creativity (as creative as any Batman related content can get), got less and less creative and pretty standard for them.

Basically I just stopped caring. Just give me the video and album and come back with the full album that will probably happen around September.

Anyway, today we are got the teaser for the video, and ultimately, it is nothing as how I imagined it.

The batman theme just flew out the window didn’t it?

The song sounds like it will have a decent chorus, and will hopefully be one of Double Sidekick’s better songs (his music last year was pretty bad). I doubt Sistar won’t get a hit off of this, even with the onslaught of acts coming back (their main competition is AoA who are on the heels of a comeback as well). However I think I am tired of the same thing that Sistar gives. I really fucks with Sistar, but there is a difference between consistency and redundancy.

Shake It will be released June 22. Be on the look out for that.


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