2PM remain consistent even with the okay My House

JYPE as a whole have been very busy and seeing an upturn in success. With several releases in the first half of the year out of the way, and the successful comebacks of both Miss A and surprisingly Baek Ah Yeon, things are looking bright for the company. To keep it going, we get the return of their flagship boy group 2PM.


My House is not bad at all. Is it my favorite? It will probably take a month to figure that out, but I will say I have listened to this song multiple times without getting bored, and having to force myself to listen for the review. I don’t mind the song, and I didn’t even notice when the song ended and there was no sort of big lead up. It remained on this meandering path right until the very end. My only negatives are that Taec is a terrible rapper and Nichkhun gets lost musically. If I had not watched the video, I would not have known where he was even there. Other than that, a nice record. I don’t think it has a lot of defining bombastic moments, but it is still very solid musically and up there with their last two singles (I actually like Go Crazy now).

The music video had me confused. First off, there is this supernatural element that is not consistent throughout. Taec and Chansung are werewolves or some shit…Jun.K and Nichkhun are Prince Charming…Junho and Wooyoung are there. Like the storyline is this chick being hit on and followed by six random ass men until she decides that she wants to bone them.I think the supernatural element kind of clogged up the video, because where was it going? I know subtlety is a thing, but I doubt subtlety was what was desired.

I find it a bit corny, and then Taecyeon’s part is just makes it worse. Like why is it snowing? What is wrong with his eyes? Why is there a live wolf running around a damn building full of people, and how has no one noticed? What is with the bunny?


I’m not trying to turn into some CinemaSins type shit, but like…flesh it out. There are obviously something going on, and it is very much in your face, but I still can’t grasp it. Only two of them were monsters, the rest were humans and Nichkhun came off more as Prince Charming than anything else.

My House leaves me satisfied. I got the same feeling from watching SHINee. Both songs were not spectacular in my opinion, but as groups we see them at their best, doing their best. Even with as many years as they do behind them they don’t feel off and have only gotten better. So while I could have asked for a better song, as a group, I cannot be mad with what we got. The video is eh though.


Source: JYPEntertainment


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