I finally did it! I have hit 200 post!

I was supposed to hit that awhile back, but I got distracted. Anyway, better late then never. To celebrate, I decided to do a long ass post with some songs I don’t hate. Not all songs on this list are my favorites, but there because…well…I needed them there. This list is also for a friend, so that’s the only reason this is being done. It is also the reason why I have songs by Big Bang and SNSD, AND 2NE1. It is more of an informative list, and eventually I will make a shorter more detailed post expounding specifically on my taste.

Well that is it…let’s do!

*List(s) under the cut*

Heavy Hitters (5 songs each): More established, more hits, usually liked.

Wonder Girls (Nobody, Tell Me, Be My Baby, Like This, Like Money)
SNSD (Gee, Genie, Trick, Express 999, Catch Me If You Can)
Sistar (So Cool, Alone, Loving U, Give It To Me, I Swear)
2PM (Heartbeat, Hands UpADTOY, Come Back When You Hear This Song, Go Crazy)
Big Bang (Haru Haru, Lies, Fantastic Baby, LoserBang Bang Bang, )
Kara (StepPandora, Damaged Lady, Mamma Mia, Cupid)
Brown Eyed Girls (SignAbracadabraSixth Sense, Kill Bill, Love Motion)
SHINee (Replay, Lucifer, Sherlock, Dream Girl, View)
f(x) (Nu ABODanger, Electric Shock, Rum Pum Pum PumRed Light)

T-ara (Roly Poly, Bo Peep Bo Peep, Day By DayNumber NineSugar Free)
Miss A (Bad Girl Good Girl, Breathe, Goodbye Baby, HushOnly You)
2ne1 (Fire, Ugly, Lonely, I Love YouCome Back Home)

Rising to the Top (3 songs each): Groups that are slowly making their way into my heart.

BTS (Boy In Luv, Danger, I Need U)

Got7 (I Like You, A, Stop Stop It)

SPICA (Russian Roulette, Tonight, You Don’t Love Me)

Bestie (Thank U Very Much, Hot BabyExcuse Me)

Laboum (Pit-A-Pat, What About You, Sugar Sugar)

Red Velvet (Happiness, Ice Cream Cake, Automatic)

EXID (Every Night, Up & Down, Ah Yeah)

 Single moments: Songs from acts that I enjoyed, but not necessarily the act themselves)

Mamamoo (Ah Oop ft Esna)

Lovelyz (Candy Jelly Love)

BlockB (Jackpot)

B1A4 (Solo Day)

BtoB (You’re So Fly)

Sonamoo (People’s Little Sister)

2015! (The new kids on the block)

Seventeen (Adore U)

N. Flying (Awesome)

Gfriend (Glassbead)

CLC (PePe, Like)

OMGirls (Cupid)

The Ark (The Light)

Flying Solo (1 song): Soloist.

Sunmi (24Hours)

Yeeun/H:ATFELT (Ain’t Nobody)

Taemin (Danger)

Ailee (Heaven)

Hyorin (One Way Love)

Hyosung (Good Night Kiss)

Gain (Bloom)

And that is it. There are a lot of people missing, but that isn’t really of my concern. I may turn this into a page on my blog, but for now…HAPPY 200TH POST!


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