SNSD coming back with three singles and here is a taste of them

SNSD’s comeback is one of the most anticipated ones of the summer, and with good reason. SM seems to be pulling all the stops as SNSD are returning with three different songs. One is a pre-release, while the other two are going to be the promo tracks.

For a taste of these three tracks…here you go.

All three songs sound promising in their own ways. Party is going the typical summer song route, which means there is going to be major emphasis on simplicity (a rarity for SM), summer specific pop cliches, and a chorus that won’t leave you alone. In short this might be the most accepted single SNSD have put out in years. The colors and open area in the video look really good. We seem to not be getting that same cinema quality that some of SM’s other acts have been getting. But I guess all is well.

Lion’s Heart is going a different direction than it’s title would suggest. It falls in line with SNSD’s more subdued pop. Retro in sound, and image (Wait A Minute off their last ep). The video looks typical them. Dancing in a box, looking pretty shots, and bad wigs.

You Think is the sassy them, which balances out the more “classy” pop vibe from Lion’s Heart. We getting “intense” dancing (jusdging from the trailer), high notes, more aggressive singing in general…and the video looks…well it looks nice.

Overall this is my excitement level: Party>>Lion’s Heart/You Think

I think the last two are what we expect from them, and to be honest, they haven’t been going that well with those concepts and images. I always think it is missing just a little something. Party seems like there is no expectations other than to be an earworm.

Well we will find out what’s good come July 7th, when Party is to be released. The dates for the other singles have not been determined as far as I know.  But you can best believe I am going to talk about it.


Source: SMTOWN



KuzzReviews: G. Soul is successful in making me a fan

G. Soul is one of JYP’s solo acts, and his 10+ year trainee that just debuted this year. His debut was all the way in January, and I will admit it was nice. I think my biggest issues is that I wanted more from him then. Like it felt too short for me, and I was kind of waiting for him to pop off musically. That didn’t happen, but the songs were still rather solid (especially the opening track Coming Home which had a very dark Weeknd like vibe to it).

Well it has been several months later, and JYP’s R&B singer decided to bless us with a new project.

Love Me Again

I hate that it’s only three songs, but in those three songs, G. Soul did a good job.

The standout for me has to be Beautiful Goodbye. The beat is dark, the lyrics simple. It reminds me of Want You by Crush, which became a favorite of mine off his album.

The title track Love Me Again, is very R&B pop, light and sad. I find that his “promo” tracks tend to be more Pop oriented, and traditional in appeal. They are the songs you can expect to hit the mainstream. I also like this song more than You.

Stop Running From Love feels like the final song. The song is also in English, and shows us that G. Soul has skills in a different language.

Love Me Again is a short and sweet listen. There is something more lively about G. Soul here that I was wanting on the first ep. The music feels a little more complete. I think G. Soul is moving in the right direction, and this just makes me even more excited to see him carve his place in the music world.

Source: K Pop Music Group

Global Icon is still a thing, and they have new members

Okay so K Pop has a tier system. I am starting to looking at it in the same sense as the class divisions in the states.

The Wealthy/1%: SNSD, 2NE1, Sistar, f(x),

Upper Middle class: Exid, Girl’s Day, Apink,

Middle Class: Most of the new groups that have made an impression

Lower Middle Class: Rainbow, Dalshabet, girl groups that haven’t completely fallen/failed, but well they are struggling.

Below the poverty line: Any defunct group, groups that continue on with no signs of hope.

Global Icon…well they fit the BPL. Having come out in 2013, they debuted with a look that no one else was fucking with, preferring to amp up the androguny and do songs that were usually exclusive to the fellas. Needless to say that didn’t take. And…they kind of just…well disappeareds. I thought they were over, until recently. Apparently they have three new members…


Ji a-min

Uhm…okay. So this is what we got. I don’t know who has stayed but I know GI wasn’t a large group in the first place, and they did lose a couple of members. So…yeah. Ji a-min sounds nice and promising. The other two look like fillers. Also if it is any indication from another video on Sim Tongs official YouTube channel, the girls were leaving their androgynous vibe anyway, so I don’t know what the group is going to come back as, I do think that if/when they make an official come back we won’t be getting the same thing as before…maybe something more…traditional for girl groups.

Groups like GI (and to an extent AoA) seem to be a lesson for all. The status quo is a lot harder to break.


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BTS’s Dope is…well it happened.

BTS are pretty much doing backflips in terms of their growing popularity. Their last come back was a success, with massive numbers coming in for their ep. They even manage to get a couple of wins in the war between Exo and Big Bang. Couple that with growing recognition in certain members, and them being able to actually tour outside of their home country…you are looking at one of the success stories of 2013.

So in light of that…and just right before them hopping over to Japan…Big Hit decides to push their luck and have the boyband do follow up promotions…because they so desperately need to.

I like the song, even though I am over their whole the pro youth commentary. Like as nice as that is, what issues are we talking about? How y’all niggas feel about the LGBTQ+ community in South Korea? What about the Foreign relations? Bullying in the class rooms? Feminism? Like this message is really vague to me. But whatever. They idols that are at the very least saying something. It’s nice in an industry where agency is rather limited, to see a group with as much control as they have exist.

The song is hot, and this is one of them times where I love the aggressive nature of the rapping. Also the line distribution feels a lot more even than what I am used to from them on a promoted track.

So yeah Dope is cool…but it falls flat on the video.

The problem with the video is how cheap it looks. That’s it. I understand that this is the follow up and they didn’t have to put a lot of money into the budget…but…that background looked super tacky. Like just get a camera and go into a warehouse/empty studio with a black wall, and film it. I just…this was just obviously edited, and that was money wasted. What’s sad is most of the budget for this was probably put into their teasers which looked great.

Well that’s it. Dope is cool as a song. The video was whack, the choreo was good per usual. That’s it.

Wonder Girls to make a comeback in August

It has finally happened. Yubin’s two year long vacation has ended! The Wonder Girls are back!
Or in the process of coming back.
So…yeah…I’m excited. A couple of days ago it had been reported that the Wonder Girls were coming back. With a quickness JYP denied that, saying their usual, there is nothing decided bs.
Well apparently they were lying through their teeth, because the Wonder Girls are indeed on their way back…with a modified group.
Members Lim, Yubin and Yeeun are returning as active members of the group, while Sohee and Sunye are not. In their place we get Sunmi though! Yeah we are losing two very important members to the group…BUT…we are getting a comeback.
We should just be happy that Yubin and Lim are working again. I had no doubt that Sunmi and Yeeun would do more musically, but those two…they just seemed to sit in comfort living their lives. Like I said…Yubin’s two year vacation has ended. Now let’s live in the Glory that is one of their best singles to date.

The video for Catch Me If You Can ft Jessica leaked

So the last…day (?) has been nothing but comebacks and a leak. Someone got a hold of the original version of Catch Me If You Can. SM said they were going to sue, but nigga this the internet.

Anyway what started out as screencaps of her in the video looking poorly edited in (She is in the way back in one scene and off in my opinion), turned into audio snippets of her parts, which turned into an instagram snippet of her in the video, and now we have snowballed to the fullest…a full video.



I mean ole girl is relevant to like…three or four parts of the song…and then…nothing. Like…I just…

The song is pretty much still going to be the Dance Line ft segments from the Vocal line. Like I was waiting for her to take a section of the verses…and she didn’t. Like there have been people that swear up and down she was that important to the song…and she wasn’t. To be honest this was the dance line’s moment.

Never the less…this has reignited that civil war within that fandom. It’s a mess, but that’s to be expected. I’m staying out of it so…

I still like the song. I spin and do deathdrops to it. I don’t care.



More SIXTEEN Eunsuh, Chaeyeon and MoMo do a dance cover.

So because it just seems to have popped into JYPE’s head to make sure that people remember the parting three participants, we get a dance cover of My House by Eunsuh, Chaeyeon and MoMo.

You can watch here

So apparently my fondness for the Chae sister extends to her older sister. Chaeyeon slayed. We didn’t get to see much of what she was capable of during the show, so this is nice. She seemed like the main focus of the dance for the most part. Eunsuh got a little more time than her, and is shown to be a good dancer, but still. It’s nice to know she still with us.

I just want to bring up something I said earlier: there were far too many dancers on this show. I almost want to think that JYP was going to cut from that pack specifically because there were far too many in comparison to the rest.

Huzzy fanfiction/theory moment: Maybe most of the group was already decided, but they needed to find specific spots, and that is why were so many dancers in comparison.

Also there have only been three eliminations (two more coming before we get to the final group decision from what I have heard). Once again…I don’t think they should have included the elimination aspect to the show because of how the show ended up going anyway. But that’s just me

Anyway, it’s nice seeing the other girls. MoMo had her time in the sun and she was/is beloved by a portion of the fanbase already. Eunsuh and Chaeyeon were not so lucky, and as seen here, they are talented (Chaeyeon really slayed the fuck out of me).

Sidenote: Baek Yerin’s voice can be heard in the background in a different room. Just wanting to point that out. #FavesDoingThings

A Sistar Follow up

I think I posted that too soon, because now I have more thoughts. Well a thought that I have expressed a couple of times now.

Sistar is one of the top tier groups. They have managed to become one of the few none big 3 groups to hang with the best. Their singles are generally hit makers. They have been around for five years. They are a senior group now. And they are still doing the same things.

The packaging is different, but the results are ultimately the same. From Push Push, to How Dare You, to So Cool, to Touch My Body, to Shake It. All of these feel the same to me. I don’t think the concept of growth has truly hit Sistar. I’m not looking for the ladies to start questioning society and being deep and introspective. I don’t expect them to start making complex music. That is not what I want. There is nothing wrong with doing fun and light-hearted pop songs that are meant to make you get up. I just think it is not out of their reach to do more. And they have done more. Alone and Give It To Me stand out as two songs that deviate from their fun positive pop image, and they are possibly their most successful singles. So why is it that Sistar, after having two singles that brought them a chunk of their success are stuck reverting to the same old concept?

That is my problem with Shake It. That was my problem with Touch My Body. These songs came after a period where Sistar looked to be stepping up and trying something different. Taking their pop more seriously. Only to go back to what they know (from 2011).

So yeah, Shake It is fun. Shake It isn’t bad. But Shake It is also repetitive and borderline redundant for a group like Sistar.

Sistar’s Shake It

To round out the triple hit that has been today, Sistar gives us their latest summer offering, Shake It.

I’ve just come to accept that 2012-2013 was a fluke for Sistar, and that we are stuck with this…

The song is aiming to be fun. Just listening to it, it sounds like a block party type track. Something they want you to throw on at a daytime party like a cook out or birthday party. I don’t know. It’s very summery, very daytime. Like I still find myself bopping my shoulders to the beat. Like I feel that warm fun sound. I just don’t know if I am believing it.

THIS is not bad, but am I truly feeling it? That’s what I am having trouble figuring out right now. I mean at the very least that is a good sign: I don’t hate it, but I don’t know if I like it. I could grow to like it. This is also one of their few tracks that doesn’t put emphasis on Hyorin as the main vocalist which is surprising.

The video is mindlessly fun, fitting the song. Just like AoA, we have a group set in high school. Unlike AoA, Sistar are not really following a concrete story line. The colors are bright, the girls look great, and the dance looks simple and stupid. That’s all you can ask for.

Shake It feels like it is going to be a blip in Sistar’s career, and hopefully it is just that. The song seems like it is designed to be catchy, and fun, and to someone out there it very well may be. But I just can’t wrap my head around the song. I want to like it, and maybe I will. But right now, I will just let this sit where it is.


Teen Top is nothing but footwork on Ah Ah

Well today is nothing but constant releases, and our second one that we care about is Teen Top. They are back with a new album, and their promo track is called Ah Ah.

Into it.

I am a fan of R&B, and I appreciate when we get to hear throwbacks to the short but beloved New Jack Swing era. Ah Ah is like many K Pop R&B tracks: it is stuck in the past, and only follows one of two patterns. Slow and full, or faster and somewhat lively. Ah Ah, follows the latter. It’s a nice little groove. It’s like it is really chill and just going along, but when you really listen to it, you can hear that oomph. I don’t know how to explain it properly outside of saying it is deceptively smooth. Teen Top themselves kind of hit with good results. The chorus of the song is really chill. Like they are harmonizing but they just never get bold or big. It’s very chill. I like that in contrast to the beat. I do wish they would pop off at some point in the song, just to break the monotony. The song is nice, and they made sure to place the rappers at points to give the song some much needed lift. I just wish the vocalist were not stuck being as passive sounding the entire time. The rappers bring the energy but I bet that is because most idol rappers don’t know how to do anything other than be aggressive on songs so.

The video is nothing new, but it is fun. It houses one of the cleanest and brightly colored diners I have ever seen. The real thing to take away from this video is that these guys got some mean ass footwork going on. I like it. Really keeps with the whole stuck in the early 90’s vibe going on. But yeah other than that, we are looking at a very standard music video. It’s effective though. Guarantee that fans will love it and be giffing all the important parts.

There really isn’t much to say