Kara presents us with a good Cupid.

Last year saw a revival for Kara. They lost two members, however found a new light in the likable and already popular Younji. Then they came back with the Disco force Mama Mia, and hit Japan with Summergic which gave them even more traction.
Needless to say, Kara feels like a lowkey comeback success story right now. The only thing to truly make this reality is another win musically.
The group comes up to bat with Cupid.

Now it’s no Mama Mia, or even Summergic, but…it isn’t shabby. To be honest I don’t know if Kara has a bad single to their name (post Sohee of course). I mean musically they seem extremely solid on that side, and Cupid is really no different. The only problem with Cupid is that it lacks an extreme flare musically, particularly in the verses. They just don’t have any sort of traction. The chorus is just fine as is, and Youngji’s rap verse fits really well. We are looking at a B+ song really…it just falls short of an A. And what’s worse…I don’t think they could have done much else to get that A.That said, I still like this, and they do a great job nonetheless.

It is also extremely noticeable the lack of Youngji who was added as a way to revitalize the group, and has done her job rather well. She is delegated to a few moments within the song and a rap verse near the end of the song. I really have no stakes in this group like that, and I admit this is better than Mama Mia where she was completely absent as far as I could tell. But her integration into the group could be done a little better musically. Of course this is just a single and she could be monopolizing the rest of their singles.
Cupid keeps up the pattern of good releases from Kara, however lacks in any sort of oomph that would have made it amazing.
Sources: DSPKara


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