BoA has made her comeback and I am a fan

2015 has not been a disappointing year musically in my opinion. Sure there has been some duds, but overall the duds have stayed with me longer than some of last year’s successes. It has also been the year quite a few heavy weights have decided to come back. Big Bang have returned, SHINee’s back (there will be a post for their teaser soon), the whispy rumors of a Wonder Girl’s comeback stays in the air (Even if they are never true)…SNSD will have to come back to prove they are just as solid as eight as they were as nine…
And finally BoA has made her return.

I love it. I love the entire thing. This is my first real BoA comeback so I didn’t know what to expect. I actually went and watched her videos, and found myself wondering where she was at? She has a lot that I don’t see in SM often to be honest. There is a flare to her, that I just…mmm.
Anyway, the song is catchy in a we can go around a chill way. Actually the song (and video) reminds me of Beyonce’s Party in vibe (the video more so lines up with her live performances of the song). I love the little harmonies in the bridge…like…girl she could have done that through the entire song and had me slain.
As the comeback single I don’t know if I would have gone with this. It’s a little too floaty and feels like a track you chill with. You would expect (especially from SM), for them to continue to try and hold her position. That means to be as different as possible. This feels super ordinary and less of an attempt at something.
Which is what I love about it of course. I love that it is simple, and that it isn’t trying for something. It makes it easier to digest. Also BoA isn’t a slouch. I kind of feel like very few can just…move over a track like this with ease. She still commanding attention with her nasally sweet voice, but not being…fake about it. Like you can feel her grown woman-ess on this, and nobody can doubt that.
Overall I am here for this. BoA came back and did a great job. Unfortunately in K Pop, I don’t see this making waves, outside of her name sake. This will be wasted (especially in the midst of BB, BTS, and Exid). You always have to hit hard in K Pop. Kiss My Lips doesn’t (which works in its favor in my opinion).
*Hoping to be wrong*

Sources: SM Youtube


2 thoughts on “BoA has made her comeback and I am a fan

  1. M.Y May 12, 2015 / 5:54 am

    I agree. I love the MV and the song, and I simply love how she’s trying new concepts every time! (Like we have refreshing/cute for No 1/Atlantis Princess, badass for My Name/Girls On Top/ Hurricane Venus, and then lyrical hip hop for Only One, then ballad for Disturbance, and now feminine/sultry for KML) It’s a shame really that most fans lately no longer appreciates her or even acknowledge her as someone who was once very important to the Kpop scene. It’s definitely going to be overshadowed by Big Bang, SHINee (SM is horrible, why are they putting their artistes up for a fight together, now all the hype is given to SHINee and no one but her fans care for BoA anymore. It’s her 15th anni for goodness sake, SM, can’t you at least respect her for that) and even Sung Gyu from INFINITE. Her MV views so far is only about 100k, which is really disappointing. But it’s not as if I didn’t see this coming already–BoA’s prime time had been in the early 2000s, so I guess most of her fans have grown older and became too busy to keep up with her activities all the time? (and then you have new fans who just go “oh who is this old lady, not interested, bye” lol. Harsh reality, isn’t it? Given how talented an artiste BoA is. The fact that she composed/produced/wrote all the songs this time is an amazing feat itself, but not many people would appreciate it *sighs*. It’s tough stanning a soloist from the 2000s. TT

    • HuzzyPop May 12, 2015 / 4:48 pm

      It does seem unfortunate that BoA isn’t being treated properly this go round, but at the same time, I doubt they were going to really try because 1) she is a more established act. 2) She is probably a moneymaker somewhere else. 3) Someone else is going to make money for them in Korea. It also seems like SM has been doubling up a lot this year (and last year) which means they may need to start thinning on the comebacks tbh.

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