Bestie’s comeback is slightly offputting.

Well to me at least.
I fucks with Bestie for real. I think they have a lot of potential, and I have come to love all their singles sans Pit-a-Pat. It took me a minute to get into I Need You, but I have come to see the light. So them coming back was a big deal for me. I was excited and caping for them hard.

Where this song went bad…it felt too long. You wait an entire minute and 19 seconds before you hit the chorus. In K pop the chorus is your money maker . The verses are not nearly as exciting as they could be. The song is not nearly as patchwork as most songs are, but there is something really…just…jarring about that damn horn. THAT LONE HORN IN THE GOTDAMN BACKGROUND.
I actually started to like the song during the bridge (put your hands up in the air), the beat became Ariana Grande levels of bubblegum pop, but it was finally interesting.
I think the song overall was going somewhere but like…not really going anywhere impressive. It was entirely too
The video was a lot. I wish they stuck more so with the actual content of the song instead of trying to be funny.
I think this is a miss for me. Like I really want to like it because there are some things that I am here for. Musically they had a moment…but it was too far into the song, and it only lasted for so long. The song feels entirely too long, even though it is only three minutes long. I just…eh.
And what’s worse is that the video doesn’t even distract from that. If anything the video does the same thing, where I am thinking…get to the point.
Good luck to Bestie…see you on the next album.


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