Kara presents us with a good Cupid.

Last year saw a revival for Kara. They lost two members, however found a new light in the likable and already popular Younji. Then they came back with the Disco force Mama Mia, and hit Japan with Summergic which gave them even more traction.
Needless to say, Kara feels like a lowkey comeback success story right now. The only thing to truly make this reality is another win musically.
The group comes up to bat with Cupid.

Now it’s no Mama Mia, or even Summergic, but…it isn’t shabby. To be honest I don’t know if Kara has a bad single to their name (post Sohee of course). I mean musically they seem extremely solid on that side, and Cupid is really no different. The only problem with Cupid is that it lacks an extreme flare musically, particularly in the verses. They just don’t have any sort of traction. The chorus is just fine as is, and Youngji’s rap verse fits really well. We are looking at a B+ song really…it just falls short of an A. And what’s worse…I don’t think they could have done much else to get that A.That said, I still like this, and they do a great job nonetheless.

It is also extremely noticeable the lack of Youngji who was added as a way to revitalize the group, and has done her job rather well. She is delegated to a few moments within the song and a rap verse near the end of the song. I really have no stakes in this group like that, and I admit this is better than Mama Mia where she was completely absent as far as I could tell. But her integration into the group could be done a little better musically. Of course this is just a single and she could be monopolizing the rest of their singles.
Cupid keeps up the pattern of good releases from Kara, however lacks in any sort of oomph that would have made it amazing.
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Dr. Pepper…

Look…I don’t even have something to even just…ease you into this. Here’s the damn song



Well it exist.

I could say a lot of things…and trust me I would. But it’s not worth it, so enjoy this moment.

Realistically CL is starting off. She doesn’t have a label backing her in the states (sans YG…which…yeah). However there have been some bright moments for CL I think. I don’t think Doctor Pepper is one of them of course.

Also I think we need to destroy the idea that CL’s Debut will have a concrete set date. She’s gotten her debut with Dirty Vibe, which wasn’t great either (although I think she was one of the better moments in that travesty). My issue is that in the time between that song and this one…we could have had a lot more to work with. No one cares/knows who CL is. It feels like a lot of prep work has been made (her getting on the festival circuit in the states is fucking amazing of Scooter tbh), and she has gotten some shine (Karl Lagerfeld giving her a small shout out was cute), but…who cares? She could have released some music in that time. She could have shone up at actual events, she could have became Ariana Grande’s new best friend…no…she was posting on her instagram of the work they are doing for some date that is probably not even in the near future. She could have done a lot in the months preceding this, but nope. So that makes Doctor Pepper, an already terrible song even worse. This is what we were building up to…and it’s not even really her “debut” song.

That’s also why I don’t really have much to say about this piece of trash, because realistically, this won’t have an effect on CL in the long run. Scooter-YG-Jesus Christ could be working on some next level shit for CL right now and make this irrelevant. But that’s in the future. She could have been done more than she has…and…that’s just as simple as it gets for me.

Also I see a lot of jumping the guns with the success of her debut. I am on the side that she has a chance to make it (really anyone has a chance to make it with hit and some good management), but I have no idea what is going to happen really. She could succeed. She could fail. She could take a couple of years to get there. It could be instantaneous. The fact of the matter is that we don’t know. We truly cannot judge how CL is going to do based off of how everything we know. What CL has that others didn’t is someone who can get her work. JYP admittedly did the best job and had the best game plan; seriously attaching the Wonder Girls to a children’s network was genius. Too bad they chose the wrong network. With CL she has someone who has a decent enough resume (Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, upcoming Tori Kelly, that chick who sung Call Me Maybe, etc), who can get her into things. I just think, like the rest of them, that they don’t seem to comprehend that the US isn’t as…rigid in terms of dates like that. Of course there are set dates for when releases happen, and you always want to do this/that by that time period (release music in this specific time frame in order to be nominated for award shows, get the best selling period at this time, shit like that)…BUT…you can release music at any time, and it doesn’t have to be music you are selling. You can release a song just because it is a Tuesday afternoon and you just felt like doing something for your fans. Whatever the reason may be, your content can be released (and the internet makes it easy to do it). Instead of hording all those songs right now for whatever set date, we could have had multiple tracks to give CL some traction. She could have beefed up her fanbase by now…or whatever…I don’t know.

Anyway…Doctor Pepper is bad, but not really worth noting as some predicament to her career. What should be focused on is how much time they had and done pretty much nothing with it, instead focusing on some date in the future that isn’t here yet. Whatever CL releases is what I will actually focus on (although I may not focus on everything).

QuickReviews: Three albums in three paragraphs

I am being very flaky on the post, especially the reviews. And with how backed up I am, and with how many acts are coming back or in the process of their comeback…I got a lot to work on. So…here is a quickreviews post! These three acts are just recent returns and I was not completely upset with them.

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BoA has made her comeback and I am a fan

2015 has not been a disappointing year musically in my opinion. Sure there has been some duds, but overall the duds have stayed with me longer than some of last year’s successes. It has also been the year quite a few heavy weights have decided to come back. Big Bang have returned, SHINee’s back (there will be a post for their teaser soon), the whispy rumors of a Wonder Girl’s comeback stays in the air (Even if they are never true)…SNSD will have to come back to prove they are just as solid as eight as they were as nine…
And finally BoA has made her return.

I love it. I love the entire thing. This is my first real BoA comeback so I didn’t know what to expect. I actually went and watched her videos, and found myself wondering where she was at? She has a lot that I don’t see in SM often to be honest. There is a flare to her, that I just…mmm.
Anyway, the song is catchy in a we can go around a chill way. Actually the song (and video) reminds me of Beyonce’s Party in vibe (the video more so lines up with her live performances of the song). I love the little harmonies in the bridge…like…girl she could have done that through the entire song and had me slain.
As the comeback single I don’t know if I would have gone with this. It’s a little too floaty and feels like a track you chill with. You would expect (especially from SM), for them to continue to try and hold her position. That means to be as different as possible. This feels super ordinary and less of an attempt at something.
Which is what I love about it of course. I love that it is simple, and that it isn’t trying for something. It makes it easier to digest. Also BoA isn’t a slouch. I kind of feel like very few can just…move over a track like this with ease. She still commanding attention with her nasally sweet voice, but not being…fake about it. Like you can feel her grown woman-ess on this, and nobody can doubt that.
Overall I am here for this. BoA came back and did a great job. Unfortunately in K Pop, I don’t see this making waves, outside of her name sake. This will be wasted (especially in the midst of BB, BTS, and Exid). You always have to hit hard in K Pop. Kiss My Lips doesn’t (which works in its favor in my opinion).
*Hoping to be wrong*

Sources: SM Youtube

Bestie’s comeback is slightly offputting.

Well to me at least.
I fucks with Bestie for real. I think they have a lot of potential, and I have come to love all their singles sans Pit-a-Pat. It took me a minute to get into I Need You, but I have come to see the light. So them coming back was a big deal for me. I was excited and caping for them hard.

Where this song went bad…it felt too long. You wait an entire minute and 19 seconds before you hit the chorus. In K pop the chorus is your money maker . The verses are not nearly as exciting as they could be. The song is not nearly as patchwork as most songs are, but there is something really…just…jarring about that damn horn. THAT LONE HORN IN THE GOTDAMN BACKGROUND.
I actually started to like the song during the bridge (put your hands up in the air), the beat became Ariana Grande levels of bubblegum pop, but it was finally interesting.
I think the song overall was going somewhere but like…not really going anywhere impressive. It was entirely too
The video was a lot. I wish they stuck more so with the actual content of the song instead of trying to be funny.
I think this is a miss for me. Like I really want to like it because there are some things that I am here for. Musically they had a moment…but it was too far into the song, and it only lasted for so long. The song feels entirely too long, even though it is only three minutes long. I just…eh.
And what’s worse is that the video doesn’t even distract from that. If anything the video does the same thing, where I am thinking…get to the point.
Good luck to Bestie…see you on the next album.