Exid’s Ah Yeah…well…I don’t hate it.

That’s it for Exid. I don’t hate it.

Dammit, I would be lying if I said this didn’t remind me of Up & Down. That’s expected, of course people are going to compare their comeback to the song that basically shot them on the map. That was going to happen. Ah Yeah is kind of blatant in my opinion. The sax, the same structure (the verses are more funky, the chorus going for a brighter pop vibe), Up & Down had a better pre-chorus in terms of transition (although it wasn’t as dynamic as Ah Yeah’s).

The reason why that is a problem is because we knew that would be be one of the possibilities. I was hoping/wishing they would monopolize on this opportunity to step it up, but instead they played it safe. That being said, it’s not a bad song. It’s just very familiar. Which kind of takes from my excitement…a little.

The best thing about this song is the back and forth between Hani and Le. While both are addressing the same person, I love how they immediately change it up. Hani is sweeter, passive but still annoyed, while Le is blunt about it and angry. Outside of that, the song takes on several forms, which is the norm in K pop for the last couple of years. It’s never been as jarring to me as it was for others, but I have never cared for playing it 100% safe (not saying Ah Yeah isn’t doing that).

I will say I was not a fan of JungHwa’s part. It wasn’t bad so much that it was inserted. Of course the song is very patchwork in a sense, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have that one part that acts like a thread. Her part is the transition, and if her part was maybe something that was more of a bridge between the verses and chorus…I wouldn’t bother, but eh.  But…she also gets the bridge which is built off the established chorus section.

The music video is very tongue in cheek. A lot of inappropriate behavior throughout. I do think there was two different stories going on, which is kind of a problem. There are great moments, but the smallest issue is that I don’t understand what the cheeky ratings system has to do with what is pretty much office harassment. It feels like Le and Hani are separated from the rest of the group, and while they do try to make them connect (Hani is presenting the news of them dancing during certain sections), it bothers me!!! Also their terrible tootsie roll butterfly was a major miss. I think Le was the only one that didn’t look completely stiff while doing it.

The only problem I have with Ah Yeah is how similar it is to Up & Down. That’s pretty much it. But there is no doubt in my mind that this was a deliberate choice in the creation process. I am not immediately wowed by this song (the same issue I had with their previous effort), but I do find it catchy…enough.


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