Catch Me If You Can only reinforces what I think of SNSD

Girls’ Generation have released a new Japanese single that has a Korean and Japanese version. This is smart for several reasons. Most notably is that it allows them to stay in the Korean spotlight while not actually having to actively promote in the Korean spotlight as a group.

However the song itself is well…lackluster.

This is the Korean version.

Anyway, when listening to it, I don’t actually hate it. However the song is lackluster for several reasons. First I want to bet that the original beat actually sounds a lot better than what we got because SM loves to tamper with the production for whatever reason. Regardless of that there is nothing about the music that is at all appealing to me. It is not only generic but at the same time grating.

Second I like the verses and chorus for the most part. Well lack of chorus to be honest. It is just EDM with the phrase Catch Me If You Can repeated. I don’t actually hate it because it works.

The part between the verses and non-chorus is the part that feels…inserted into the production to 1) give the vocal line something to do, 2) add some sort of break in the slightly obnoxious monotony. I feel like if they went for a less rough sounding beat (by rough I mean something that doesn’t sound like electrical appliances in a blender), while maintaining the same energy behind it…it would be better.

But overall I don’t hate it. I even listened to it a couple of times for fun now. It doesn’t seem bad, and in fact I actually like this for them. (But more on that later)

Video wise, it got real old real quick watching them do the dance. And by old real quick, I mean after several watches. The big issue for me is that they had all that space and stayed in the confines of what I assume is the same amount of room they will have on stage or in the practice studio. I think what would have made this video great is some cliche moments of high fashion on the construction site.

To be honest Ciara was the one that got it right for the most part

The song is definitely not one of her best, and the video is more of a blip in an era where she was scrambling to keep her place (Name the album without looking it up, and the one massive hit she had from this era).

However, Ciara’s aight Work is better than SNSD’s well CMIYC.

Okay now moving on to the slight rant portion of this post. As I said earlier, this may not be the best song, but this is the best in terms of everything else for them. SNSD have been going for a much more electronic based sound since 2011; The Boys, IGAB, Mr. Mr. single-wise were all more electro-pop influenced to varying degrees. And I think that has been a major upgrade to them soundwise. I don’t know, I like what they have brought in terms of sound, but the execution has always been spotty for various reasons, and said reasons may not all be the same for every case.

Sometimes it is the fact that the song just sucked.

Sometimes the producer put too much emphasis on this instead of that.

Sometimes the ladies of SNSD just have no spark.

Whatever it is, it has always been a consistent theme for me even if I do accept and like some of their post 2011 efforts (I like all of them to be honest).

And this isn’t a promo single, so it can be argued that SM isn’t trying right now. But I hate that CMIYC is something that I want from them, but like many times before it, the final product feels very below expectations.

It’s like I am getting what I would want from SNSD, but at the same time I am not satisfied at all. Something is always missing with them, and it is unfortunate because what they bring is never terrible. Just rather plain for the Nation’s Girl Group.

To end this post I just want to celebrate how much emphasis was put on the dance line. The fact that Yuri and Hyoyeon got to sing in BOTH verses (And I think Yuri got to participate in the bridge) is a moment worth recognizing. Kind of fucked up they get a semblance of a chance after the “incident” and on a non-promo track, but you know what…take it in strides.


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