Esna creates a track for a conversation that I had no idea was happening

So Esna is/was steamed about something…and I don’t know what.

The biggest problem is that her words seem directed at criticism of her, but once again we have not seen that criticism?
The only one I can remember is people were not feeling how much she was in the song when they thought it was a Mamamoo comeback. I actually love the song and her but I did think Mamamoo were under. They felt completely secondary to Esna in my opinion. And I enjoyed it that way after awhile.

(The song was pushed as a collaboration, I just think that Esna didn’t have the name for it to not being over shadowed by Mamamoo…which says a lot because they are just rookies themselves).

This does not mean that Esna isn’t valid in her thoughts (I don’t think she cares if we thought so or not), but the main issue for me is that this comes out and there was no build up to it. And likely no follow up.

In fact this is less about that and more so that her looks were not up to par with Mamamoo (all young and skinny…and probably perceived as beautiful), therefore bringing problems between her and whomever is the actual target of this song. Te entire thing was based around the idea that she is not beautiful enough (for what? to carry the song, for her to continue stages with Mamamoo? we don’t know), and that she is okay with not being up to societal standards because she rocks and writes the songs that people love anyway.

But the problem is… we still don’t have context to it. So it just feels out of nowhere. That’s it though.

Maybe they were on her youtube page/ social media being rude as fuck.



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