Jimin shines by herself in Hopeless Love

Jimin has just released her solo effort, Hopeless Love…and I got to say. Loving it.

I listen to this song and try to find something, and that is a good and bad thing. The good is that I find the song near faultless…damn near flawless. The bad side is that in it being near flawless there is something still missing. Like it checked off all points for a good song, but doesn’t soar to greatness (good ole rhetoric).

The song is simply missing one little thing. I was waiting for that one moment when the song would just seal the deal. Maybe in the final chorus, maybe throughout the entire song…I don’t know. It is a good B+ that is just short of A status in my opinion. But I am still really into it.

This is like a really good album track that would come near the end. As a single, it isn’t a complete hit, but not really a miss either.

Jimin really deserves a lot of credit. I think she has improved. Of course she has the voice, but I always thought she seemed less confident in who she was as a singer. Especially in comparison to Yerin who from the jump knew what she was, who she was (in a sense that she is a singer), and her preferred style. THese last three years have really seemed to do both of them good, and for Jimin it is a sense of self.

Even if this song isn’t necessarily for her (which I think it is), she does a great job getting into the song. Once again something a little extra could have been utilized to make the song effectively pop, but Jimin is nothing less than great here.



The video is nothing out of the ordinary, but does nothing less than bring excitement. In fact the video actually provides that extra oomph I was looking for in the song. I do wish the video had started with the tv. Why was it important? We know that her tale felt like a tv movie (some scenes had static running across the screen). There was one thing that seemed to bother me…who was Jimin in love with?

I would usually go with heteronormative standards because…well it’s the standard. But the video left it kind of vague about who she was in love with. In some scenes of course the guy. In others there was a lot of focus on the girl.

Not trying to start shit but like…I didn’t have an answer for me…(maybe because I am gay, and lowkey do be looking for gay shit in everything).

I love Hopeless Love. I think as a single, it may need a little more to get that immediate spark that most great singles have. It isn’t your ordinary Korean Ballad, and comes off much more haunting and lacks that K op color, which works for it. The video provides a little oomph that is very much needed, but left me asking questions. Still I am a supporter of 15& (who are about to get a post because they have been killing it), and Jimin has not disappointed me with this.



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