It’s pretty much Esna featuring Mamamoo on AAH OOP!

I appreciate Mamamoo…but I wouldn’t buy their music. I have not been sold on any of their releases. Not a single one. However they are nothing less than a A-grade group. Talented performers that look good together. I just don’t want to listen to their music.

AHH OOP! is however a new release so I might as well take a peak.

I like this more than the last release. There are several things that need to be discussed though. Let me hit the positives first.

I like the beat. The beginning sounded like 50’s rock (don’t ask for a name). It then became this big band+old school rock hybrid. I liked it. The two acts involved (Mamamoo and Esna) do well. Esna talk sings, but is nothing less than killer. Her darker, slightly heavier voice actually worked on this song more than the other ladies. That doesn’t mean that Mamamoo were some push overs. Once again, we are looking at a very well-oiled machine of a group. They are no slouches in terms of performance (not just visually, but musically). In fact Weein and Whasa tackle the chorus for most of the song and they are slinky and provocative. Moonbyul is not only the resident rapper, but bites hard as well. Solar then ends the song with a booming version of the chorus that the other two vocalist were handling.

And now for the bad

First off…there was a lot of Esna for Mamamoo to have been the main focus of the promotional teasers. Once again, I think she is nothing less than good on this, and even better suited for the song than Mamamoo (which says a lot for a group like this one). But she is still the feature artist…in a sense. It doesn’t make sense that Esna get not only the verses, but does trade off with ole girl in the fried blonde. Her presence was made explicitly as if she was the fifth member of the group. Mamamoo as an entity doesn’t really develop until the very end of the song, thanks to Moonbyul taking over as the rapper.

Second the chorus is so lowkey. If you actually listen, Solar sings the same exact thing that Wheein and Whasa were singing. The difference? Solar’s version was executed in a way to stick out. Probably because that was pretty much her only identifiable part (She did contribute a bit to the song). The chorus doesn’t feel like it exist until it is absolutely nothing else to sing. Also…once again, this is the only part of the song that Mamamoo seems to be as a group.

Lastly…I just think the song is not exactly promote a single material. I am very aware that sometimes you just got to remind people that the group exist, and that the next project is the one that people will need to be more interested in. I just think this would make a good album record. Like something I could hear on an album and be into.

As for the music video…eh. It fit the theme of them as a group and theirs style musically. The video actually sells me on the song more to be honest.

Mamamoo and Esna work great together, but AAH OOP! is not the best they could do.


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