Call Me Baby feels like nothing’s changed for Exo.

Exo’s comeback has been news since the end of last year/beginning of this year. After 2014 hit them with the loss of two members, a kissing scandal, and an aight comeback, Exo’s return is nothing less than a spectacle.

Exo-M version

Exo-K Version

I personally don’t see an issue with Call Me Baby, and in my opinion, it is kind of their best singles yet. Well at least the one I like the most. What is great about this song is how it manages to avoid the melodrama that one would expect them to have brought. Like I said, I would have thought Exo/SM would have went the drama-theatrics-full stop approach just to prove their cahoonas were still big and mighty even after the hit they took last year, and if we were to look at their album teasers, you would have thought for sure some crazy shit was going to go down. Instead this feels like nothing really happened. Like they moved on and gave us one of the very few R&B tracks from K Pop that I actually like. I was not emotionally invested in this song. I like it enough that I really don’t have much to say about it, and more than likely I will probably claim this song on the end of the year list (it’s a good song) but I do think that they as a group can be a little bland to me. This probably also has to do with the fact that I don’t like big groups really, and that big groups can be a little hard to listen through (for me).  Exo are no better or no worse than the average group, and are good for what they are worth. Still I wish I was so into their songs because they do have some good tracks.

Music video…it’s Growl with better clothing options and a smoother dance to watch. To be honest since Growl, Exo have been doing the same music video (albeit with a slew of minor details changed), so I really don’t mind/care at this point. To be honest to see them do something different would be a surprise.

Call Me Baby is a personal favorite. Despite me not really feeling Exo, the song really does it for me. Also


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