Miss A has returned and I am not sure if it was worth it.


I really…don’t think I can like this. There are just not many things about it that I like off the top of my head. It’s not horrible, I wouldn’t even say I think it is bad. But would I say good?

That’s the problem for me.

Overall the song is nice enough. More than likely I will watch them perform it and love it. But right now…eh. I was waiting on that moment of oomph. Like nothing popped to me. I also am not a fan of switching genres in songs like that. Here they go from an R&B hip-hop influenced pop sound to something that is very straightforward pop. I’m not into it.

I wasn’t sold on the song, and it seemed to lack direction. From the switching genres, to the overall lack of a defining moment and also I just got lost trying to listen to who was singing. I think with four members who are pretty much on equal footing in terms of vocal ability, you don’t have to cram all Miss A into one verse. (The way they handled Hush was much better than this).

I really liked Jia’s part in the second verse, too bad she didn’t seem to exist beyond that.

The video…well…it exist?

I think having the video start with the skyline of an actual city and then showing them on an obvious studio set is..well…it’s a lot. I think the video could have benefited from being performed outside. Also it just looked awkward, some of the choices in filming and editing just…eh. There is one voice in the chorus they didn’t have to have all of them lipping because we know they ain’t gonna be singing it.

Only You did nothing for me. The lack of power and dynamic moments, the song felt cluttered, the chorus was nice enough, but the switch just seemed lazy…I don’t think this is one of their best tbh…

Whispers: This probably would have been cute on a JYP made beat…but it’s whatever.

Miss A’s new album Colors is out now. Go pick it up!


Source: JYPE Youtube


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