CLC give us a standard but reliable debut

CLC have done what a lot of groups have not and that is tried to gain interest. Apparently that has not really worked out in some people’s opinions, but…I think it has…eh.

With Cube releasing actual content about the group, and having them interact with the public via their buskering events (random jam sessions on the streets of Seoul…I think), the only thing that they would need is a good song/album to really get them going.

I think Pepe was just that.

I don’t particularly find anything really wrong with this. It’s not a bad song, or really boring. I do think if something could be against it is the fact that the song is rather…well…how many groups have a song that sounds/looks/done just like this? If I can’t think of a song that really just reminds me of this, it is just telling how I think I could hear a song that sounds just like this.

That’s it though. The song is cute and I can shimmy my shoulders a little.


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