Davichi’s Two Lovers is spring time ready

I don’t know if I talked about Hug, that is how boring it was. However I do have an appreciation for this.

It’s sweet, simple and sounds like Starbucks. Perfect for the upcoming spring. It sounds like a lot of other songs (Some…AkMu…whomever else comes out around this time), which means it feels like an accoustic pop track with light R&B influences. The ladies of Davichi flow over this with little ease. I like that they didn’t pop off, which would have been easy for them considering they are a vocal duo. I wish there were more harmonies between them, but…eh. I hardly hear songs like this where there are multiple voices working together. I don’t know why. Mad Clown assisted on the track and he does as well as expected. He just seems so…clumsy. And I think that is his style. But it feels like it never seems to work on any of the songs I listen to with him on it. Like I really don’t think he is a bad rapper, but just hard to digest.

Other than him, the song was safe, and well done. Of course it isn’t hard to execute a song that is pretty much the Spring time song template. I’m pretty sure there is at least three to five different songs that sound exactly like this every year…if not more. And they are usually beloved. Two Lovers may not be the best thing since slice bread, but it does hit all the standard marks for the spring time hit.

The video was actually nicely predictable. Basic, nothing exciting, but I found myself wondering if they knew about each other (that actually would have been an even better reveal). I do wish they had them talking in their scenes together. Like it felt so fake watching them be pretty eating and drinking at all these expensive places in one day and not communicating at all.

But that’s just me.

Overall I can’t be mad at Two Lovers. Two Lovers really is easy listening background music. Starbucks Music!

It is nonthreatening, has easy appeal and kind of boppable (yes I made up a word). I can see this being a hit (I’m pretty sure that was the intention). They are successful, but after moving to a new company recently a great final blow would be to have even more success at their new company. Hug was nice, but it wasn’t mindblowing. Ideally this would get them some more traction.


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