Red Velvet releases Ice Cream Cake, and it is completely different than what I expected

So…I don’t know how to completely feel about it.

It’s way different than I expected. I honestly thought it would be energetic but still very creepy.

I already hear people screaming f(x) right now.

Alright thoughts have been gathered…so lets make sense of this.

I rewrote and deleted a good ten times because I had a problem with the song, but I couldn’t pinpoint the issue. I don’t…the chorus bothers me. It sounds like a videogame, and the rest of the song doesn’t. That’s pretty much it.

It’s very typical SM now. Do a lot in hopes to sound experimental, but really nothing is going on musically. However, I really do fucks with this song.

In the video, we have a lot going on, but not much comes together all the way. I wish the used their setting more effectively. You are in that Motel 6, that abandoned gas station, and someone’s diner from the 1950’s. Why not do more with that. I think a lot of scenes of them just looking pretty could have been devoted to playing around with their scenes. Why was Joy in that gas station? Where were they going (obviously no where but still it could have been like a little roadtrip and they were traveling to each place as a pit stop).

What the fuck was the cat and bouncing balls?

A lot was going on, but none of it really going anywhere for me. Still they looked pretty…I guess. Also Joy and Seulgi slay. All of them are not bad, but the video pretty much focused on Joy and Seulgi most of the time (which wasn’t a bad idea because they were serving face pretty much all of it). I will say I loved what they did in filming it. It doesn’t feel as glossy as the usual SM video, nor does it have pastels

Overall…I’m not mad at this? I like it despite the chorus (kind of wish SM would bring uniformity when they are not doing an R&B based track), although the chorus is still fun. The video is worth nothing but the confirmation of how pretty these lovely ladies are. Eh…that’s all you really need sometimes.

Sources: SMTown



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