Minah’s I Am A Woman Too isn’t a winner


This is so…bland.

The two biggest issues that I hear: the song itself is already not a made for promotions song in itself, and the fact that Minah is not utilized properly here.

First off this sounds like Double Sidekick’s attempt at doing a Brave Brother’s track. The R&B jazzy flavored pop that is redundant as it is weak (and this is coming from someone who actively enjoys most of Brave Brother’s music). The lyrics are muddled and confusing if you do not see one particular line.

The rest of the songs problem lie with Minah herself. I don’t know what happened, or when it happened exactly but Minah’s voice seems to get lighter and obnoxious. Her predebut singing showed more heft in her light soprano voice, but now…eh. Here we hear an even more childish, squeaky voice. Shannon Williams (Whose review is coming out), is a yougn singer whose voice is still in development, yet her voice sound more mature than Minah. If Minah had sung this with some *quote**unquote* power, I would probably be singing a different tune myself.

The music video is nice…I mean she is pretty, the choreography isn’t bad…not much else.

I Am A Woman Too trivializes Minah. Something about the way this song was worded lyrically is just meh. Minah is meh on this…the whole song is just meh.

It’s not even catchy enough to ignore everything else…

I really like Minah, and think she is a talent, but IAWT just doesn’t work for her. This mold works for Girl’s Day…but Minah isn’t Girl’s Day, she is an aspect of that entity. By herself she may be a soft pop, Taylor Swift like singer. Or she may feel comfotrtable doing something like Darling…or whatever. Instead of building an image, song, etc around who Minah is, they just took some standard mold in K Pop and thought she could pull it off. She does her best, but this doesn’t seem to be her lane specifically.


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