Teaser Post: Red Velvet is fifty shades of blonde

So for their upcoming album (an ep titled Ice Cream Cake), Red Velvet are scandal free (aka other people’s drama), a new member, and dye jobs that are honestly…well I don’t know.
So let’s check all this shit out.

I don’t have all the images, sol I just focused on the images that we got from the groups site

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I think I am missing one for Seulgi…but eh well. Anyway, these are the…lighter images.

Here are the darker images…so to speak.

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Once again, I don’t think I have everything, but this is enough in my opinion.

Style wise…I like it. The blonde hair and blue eyes thing is creepy but once again, it works for whatever is happening here.

(Sidenote: not all of them are blonde)

The two that really bother me are Irene and Wendy, the blondes of the group. Also, they both have bangs giving them this weird out of the seventies look. I think one of them should have gone platinum blonde, and the other an icy blonde. Anything other than the yellowish tint they have going on right now. Actually in their dark teasers, their hair is perfect in color, but that is probably due to the editing and lighting. The blue eyed thing is makes it creepier…their pale skin, light hair and blue eyes…eh…

In the images, I am getting this overall vibe of a horror movie. An obscure, B-rated Horror from the seventies. Or…a season of American Horror Story (especially with the “darker” set of images).

This is especially evident in their music video teaser (released like a couple of hours ago)

I don’t know about y’all, but something about the sound creeped me out, and even though it seemed like a fun having video, it comes off…well…off. I like that. Like this could be a movie…with a few of them dying.

The addition of Yeri has been a big thing since the news of Red Velvet’s return. Firstly, she is a new member, and that usually is a big thing. Second…well there is no second reason. We don’t know her…that’s pretty much it, but that is remedied with time, and videos that make it seem like we can get to know her.

The biggest issue is that there is no real reason for her addition into the group (Well for most people). Red Velvet is a decent performance group. They have the standard positions with the differing abilities and skill levels just like your average group. Just looking at the group, there seems to be no need to bring a new girl in, especially one who is two/three years younger than the original youngest Joy (who was born in 1996). Also position wise, where would she go? I heard that Yeri is the group rapper, which is not needed, AND in turn would make her useless to me.

Despite all this, I don’t really see Yeri as bad for the group (outside of the fandom whining about a new girl) for several reasons…

  • Red Velvet debuted in August, meaning they are still a young group with no name, presence, etc.
  • In the time that Red Velvet has been a group, they haven’t done much to solidify themselves as a brand.
  • (For now) it’s only one girl.
  • They kind of need it.

The main thing is that they are a young group with two singles and no name. They are not established. Yeri’s addition isn’t exactly jarring because she isn’t imposing on a group with an extensive catalog that works just for four members. Or their concept requires just four of them. Happiness and Be Natural may have to be edited because they do rely on having equal partnering…but overall Red Velvet isn’t a brand name thing yet. They are just a group still feeling out where they should go, and a fifth member might be the best thing for them.

I do think they should have introduced her through February, while giving Red Velvet a web show or something to do…just to fill in time and get people interested in her/the group. But we are here…so…yeah.


SM are smart enough to at least do something with Naver including this video for the group.

This is pretty much how they need to introduce ole girl. If the members are more receptive to her, the fandom have a better chance of being receptive to her (I say better because some of y’all still assholes).

I’m excited about what we are getting. The visuals are doing it for me. I love the looks, and the setting for all of it. Musically we have nothing to really work on (their audio teasers for Ice Cream Cake and Automatic exist…I like them enough)…

Red Velvet will be coming back with an ep titled Ice Cream Cake March 18, 2015, with promo starting the next day. Hopefully this will solidify them. Hopefully I will like the album. Hopefully Yeri won’t be a glorified back up dancer.

Sources: Red Velvet’s official SM page,

, Amber Oh



2 thoughts on “Teaser Post: Red Velvet is fifty shades of blonde

  1. Anobonano March 14, 2015 / 7:19 am

    There’s an old 70’s b-horror movie (American) called The Velvet Vampire and it takes place in the desert/in a motel/Route 66 <– Route 66 pops up a fee times in their daylight teaser images. Have a look at it on google. Maybe this is where they got the concept from.

    • HuzzyPop March 14, 2015 / 2:33 pm

      Cool. I think that movie may be a little too specific…however it probably could have been one of the inspirations overall. Most concepts, artistic visual things (cannot find another word) tend to pull from various sources
      Also thank you for commenting!

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