Red Velvet shift gears with Automatic

That is the only car pun I want to happen in this post.

Anyway on the heels of my teaser post that went into depth about the 70’s horror movie vibe I was getting, Red Velvet/SM/Whomever decide that it was only right to fuck with my emotions and validate me in some way.

Let’s discuss…

This is the only still I am doing right now.


I really like the song. I am very much a smooth R&B and classic soul kind of person (this is an inside joke that none of y’all are going to get), and so this appeals to me. It isn’t hype, it isn’t grand (that’s probably what Ice Cream Cake will be for), but it flows well, and keeps my interest. I do think that they blend in too well as a group. This is because they didn’t want to play with dynamics, which would have let the ladies show off their voices and skills (once again, probably what Ice Cream Cake is for). However we get some cute melisma and harmonies. I love harmonies…I really do.


Video wise, I am in love with it.

It reads like a horror movie for me (I’m not letting this go). Musically of course this isn’t scary, but there is something…unnerving about the video. First it was shot in this very isolated area. No real changes in the setting. They focused on one isolated area (which was probably several spots in one room set up already and just not focused on). It felt like they were in one space though (at least to me).  The video starts with Seulgi looking out a window, with that being the only light in that bare ass room).

This video is different from what SM usually delivers. SM is very glossy, and pretty, and flashy, and colorful (At least as of late). Even in black and white settings, there is still something so colorful about them. SM is about the theatrics and this is anything but. Automatic is very muted, and I think it was intentionally done to come off…darker.

Once again, we don’t have a lot of space to identify, everything under the spotlight is it.

That creeps me out. I do also want to talk about the fashion choices made. It gives off a very 70’s vibe, with each member taking on a different role. I lowkey feel like I need to dedicate a separate post to this just to nitpick this apart. It’s fascinating. Another thing I want to highlight is the change that happens within Wendy (who goes from pure virginal sister, to a wild made up party girl by the end).

Overall the video, with how the transitions were handled (There was one that I didn’t care for at the beginning), the use of lighting, space and the effect of keeping everything in a small designated area…I like the video.

Automatic is Be Natural taking a much darker turn. Yeri’s addition does not feel off, in fact she moves well with the group. I love the video. The song is very lowkey with little to no dramatics.

This seems to be more of a pre-release with focus probably going to be on Ice Cream Cake (which looks to have a brighter video, but a slightly more off song).

Here’s hoping that they continue with B-Horror flick theme.


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