Gain pretty much shot to the top of my faves list with Paradise Lost


Yeah…she did that.

Like my edges were snatched.

Overall I am in love with everything that came from this. Gain is just one of those people who can fuck up a stage with ease. She is that level of performer that I freaking love. Because of that, she is able to adapt to pretty much anything musically.

Compare Bloom to Fxxk You and that horrid Blurred Lines reject (Which she still did a decent job on), to this. Each song stands out and are different (with Blurred Lines and Bloom being the closest in sound and genre), yet she manages to put her stamp on it perfectly. The song takes Bloom and goes a little further. More sexual, more wanting, and darker/edgier.

Video wise, nothing was off. It felt right. I do wish for more simplistic background in one of the dance scenes (the white outfits), just to match the overall feel. But that is minor and really doesn’t even take away from the video.

I love the cavernous gothic sound. I am probably going to do an album review (probably is strong word though).

Overall Gain pretty much sold me on 2015 (which has done a good job picking up musically).

Sources: 1theK


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