Red Velvet coming back really soon, and they have a new member

So…not too long ago, pictures of Red Velvet appeared in the desert with a new chick. I didn’t want to look into it for several reasons.
However a lot of fans speculated a new member was being added into the mix (an act rather common in K Pop).
Turns out they were right, and we get Yeri!

I honestly hope she is not just a pretty face or an  “actress”. I like Red Velvet (Enough), but they could be a stronger group. They work fine, but some added spark wouldn’t be bad. However here’s hoping she is a good addition and not…just there.

To see how this goes, Red Velvet will be releasing their first ep, Icecream Cake. I saw a tweet in Japanese about it, but I assumed it was for an endorsement deal or something (they were doing the Basken Robbins thing weren’t they?).

Hopefully this goes well, hopefully she is not a waste of space, hopefully their fanbase will be called cupcakes.


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