KuzzReviews: 4Minute’s new ep Crazy is lit

2015 has started off a little slow. I was not a fan of a lot of the releases in January and February didn’t really pick up for me either. Then a beacon of light came in the black and white images of 4Minute’s return. The first few teasers had not really inspired me, and Cold Rain was…well it exists. However as soon as we got the album teasers…I knew we were going to get something perfect.

And I was right.

Album review…under the break of course.


Crazy sounds like such a composite track. A patchwork of several songs in my opinion. The song is loud, very vibrant in its own way, and doesn’t really slow down (sans a section that feels shoehorned for Jihyun). The more I listened to it, the more I love it. It feels made to see or experience live. Like in a club. Don’t think I could really dance to it, but I would pay a $10 entrance fee to watch two idiots on PCP try. Getting back to the song, 4Minute themselves sound on 10 for the most part. Hyuna doesn’t really change much (I actually like watching her more than listening to her). It was Jiyoon that showed us the power of the song. She sounds hype as fuck on this track, and like she is about to fight everyone in the club. Gayoon does about as much as Jihyun (which isn’t a lot), but because she is the designated vocalist, and her part builds up to the chorus (which worked beautifully considering the chorus is sparse), she gets to slide by. Sohyun (who is getting no love on this comeback in my opinion) does as well as she can, and actually has energy. Her part just feels really grade school in comparison to the rest of the song. It works, but feels very childish. Jihyun’s part unfortunately was another problem area. It was dull, shoehorned and just…eh. It wasn’t bad per say, it was just meh. Like it didn’t do much for the song, and was just inserted to give ole girl something to do (she could have sung the first part of Gayoon’s part, but we can’t take it back). Overall Crazy is good, intense, low calorie fun.

Cut It Out

This song…dammit it was almost there. The song starts off like a trap song (Migos fire blessing these idols). But then…we hit the chorus…and we go pop. I hate how that happened. I don’t hate the chorus, I actually like it. But it feels like a cop out. Don’t hit me with fire, and then say nevermind we need to be a pop song. That’s just me. A positive for the chorus, it reminds me of a song that I like (I want to say My Boo by Ghost Town DJ). Also it doesn’t feel out of place on the song. The chorus actually keeps a lot of the same elements from the verses on it, which makes it sound like it belongs there (and is the alternative). On the flip side, I don’t know if I could hear another chorus on the song. Eh…it’ cute. The chorus bugged me. The message of the song is nice. Very aggressive and telling these kids not to kill their vibes. Sohyun rapping was the best part. Tis all.

Tickle Tickle Tickle

Does anyone else get the feeling that Tickle Tickle Tickle is not really about tickling? I’m kidding, I knew it was not about tickling. There is really nothing I dislike about this song. The two songs prior to Ticklex3 have been more electronic based, very chaotic, which works for them. But then we get to Ticklex3, and the music hasmore traditional instruments. It reminds me of something Christina Aguilera would do. I also noticed how little Hyuna was used musically. Her presence was spent at the end, behind Sohyun who has been by far more active on this album than I would have expected (this is my first 4MInute album I am reviewing). I think the group was used very well, and they turned their aggressive energy and focused it in a more sexual manner, which fit the song.

Stand Out

Following Ticklex3 is the obvious sister track. It’s less sexual, but still aggressive. Like they are on the attack when it comes to finding a good man. If there was something I am not a fan of, it’s the guitar on the chorus at the end. I also think they could have done Jihyun’s part one last time, and had both Jiyoon and Gayoon bring the house down for some drama, along with them ad libbing on the final chorus while Sohyun sings it…but that’s just me. The song also loses a little bit of the energy the first part of the album has. I think because it lacked that little oomph I thought it needed (the final chorus could have come a little harder), the song really didn’t have any sort of levels. It was good, and a fun album track, but not my favorite.

Show Me

How it begun with Hyuna, only to switch up on Gayoon…eh. It’s a bit more energetic in comparison to Stand Out, but is more generic. It even has what I wanted on Stand Out. I don’t know…they could have kept this off, and I wouldn’t have cared. It doesn’t really add much musically. Well…that’s it.

Cold Rain

This actually sounds better on the album. When I heard it as a stand alone track I was eh to it. I liked it enough, but I couldn’t get into it. It was definitely a track I would have to listen to it on whatever record it was to come with. As the only ballad, it has the responsibility of having to stand out. Sadly it doesn’t. It’s way too middle of the road.  It wasn’t obnoxiously slow, thankfully, but it just…it lacked a certain spark. The song started in a way that made it sound like it was going to be a little faster…I almost think that would have been more interesting. It being the final song really fucked it up for me. I actually think a ballad ending the album was a smart idea, but this is just not working. It’s not bad, but it’s not the final song, nor do I think it should be the only ballad track. 4Minute do a good job on it, but there was nothing that made me really lose my shit. No intricate moments musically, no drama, no subtle harmonies that would make me go damn. It was all very mellowed. I will say props for them getting Hyuna to sing. Her singing voice is rather pretty, just very underdeveloped.


Crazy as an album really makes me appreciate 4Minute. Having listened to their last two albums, I think this is pretty consistent for them. Musically they traded their more standard pop flare for something electronic with a little more chaos, but they still work it. To be honest, there are only two tracks I don’t care for, and they are at the very end. Show Me and Cold Rain just don’t live up to Crazy in my opinion, and in fact slow the album down. I can see Cold Rain being on the album for that very purpose, but Show Me feels like it is supposed to keep the spirit of Crazy.

Crazy and Cut It Out stand out musically for being the more electronic of the six. I also think that is where they are at their most wild. This is also where I think Hyuna and Jiyoon did their best as rappers. They got to be loud and “hard” and crazy.

You move to Ticklex3 and Stand Out, and we get what is more expected of them. Still very aggressive, but more catered to them being attractive. Ticklex3 is high ass sexual, while Stand Out is more flirtatious. I found this to be where Gayoon seemed to be at her best really. The last two songs really didn’t have great moments for me. They just existed. Sohyun and Jihyun really didn’t have defining moments musically, but for different reasons. Both were consistent, but for Sohyun she gave a nice performance through each song, that did cater to that songs needs. Jihyun…well she tried.

Overall Crazy is exciting, aggressive, fun, and mostly consistent. The real issues come up at the end, but that doesn’t take away from the overall product. 4Minute are doing what they do best. Bringing a bit of a catchy uptempo/upbeat show.

And I couldn’t ask for less.




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