Rapmon gets together with Warren G. for a song that I don’t hate.

Rapmon, leader and rapper of the hip-hop inspired K Pop group BTS/BANGTAN/Behind The Scenes Backstreet Boys, is apparently on his way to making something of a solo debut (he talked about a mixtape, which is always fun), and to get it going we get a…song!

The song is called Please Don’t Die (P.D.D.), and is Rapmon’s ode to the haters.

Now there are things I liked, and I didn’t like.

Positives: Warren G. blessed him musically. Thank you Warren G.

We are getting some very old school out of California sounds. G-Funk (Gangsta Funk) was hot back then, and still influences west coast music today. Here we have some straight from the tap. It is bluesy, melodic, yet dark with edge…the general vibe of that sound. I fucks with it heavily. Namjoon (Rapmon) was no slouch flow wise. I think the only time it ever became awkward was when he tried to rap in English (which is from a bigger issue, but we won’t get into that). However I liked what he was delivering.

Negatives: I really didn’t care that much for the lyrics. They were at their best simple, and sometimes rather eh (the my mixtape is cool line was shallow). I’m not asking for deep conscious rapping, because that shit is tired and that doesn’t make you a better rapper. However even at your most basic shallow content, you can still be a little creative. Tis all.

Please Don’t Die is a solid effort. What I love the most about this song is the music itself. However everything else is nothing to ignore. Rapmon brought his game to the table and that is great.


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