Xia Junsu’s return is an extravaganza, but makes little sense

…Well at least to me.

Long ass review, so read more.

This song brings up one of K Pop’s biggest qualities. It is very musical, very theatrical. Every video sometimes feels more so like a musical number, or the extended trailer for a movie.

Flower is that and more.

*Starting with the video because it feels like the most defining part of this comeback*  

The video is beautiful. I love the imagery, the scenery. The costumes, the sets…all of it was on point.

What was the issue was the fact that all of this added up to soemthing that did not make sense. Who is that little girl? What was the Terminator doing there? Was Junsu king? Was he at one point a random caveman?

All of this was brought up, but nothing was given answers. The ending really didn’t make sense to me. If this had been longer I would have loved completely loved it. The length of the video feels like they cut out a lot of important things. There feels like there is a story, but what is it? There feels like there is importance to the golden Terminator, but what is it? What is the story behind this video?

The video feels too contained, and that hinders it in my opinion.

Once again, K pop is very theatrical. At it’s worst it can be over dramatic, with no sense of direction, doing everything just to make some sort of impact. Typically…that’s in the ballads and overly produced uptempos. With Junsu, I think having been on stage may have influenced the way this song came about. It is heavy on the drama, the emotional singing, and theatrics.

I could see this being in some sort of musical.

I won’t go too deep into it, because I plan on doing an album review, but I will say this: my first encounter with the song was through the video. I was enamored with the video, and didn’t really think much of the music itself. I worried, that the song was not really great, and the saving grace was in fact the video. However taking another listen, I have an appreciation for it. I’m not immediately in love with it, but I do think this song is worth it. I love how dramatic it feels. I love how it isn’t an uptempo song, but still has that powerful intensity we hardly see in ballad (which this song could easily translate to). Tablo was a smart decision.

The audio and visual do work together.  There were a lot of specific choices made that would make it near impossible for these two not to have come together as perfectly as they did.

Flower does almost everything right. The song is not bad, and works well for the seasoned performer. The video is gorgeous, the choreography is nice, and complements the music perfectly. The storyline could have been fleshed out more, or at least turned into a shortfilm of sorts (does K Pop have one of those?), but most probably won’t care because it’s pretty and Junsu is great.


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