Miss A has returned and I am not sure if it was worth it.


I really…don’t think I can like this. There are just not many things about it that I like off the top of my head. It’s not horrible, I wouldn’t even say I think it is bad. But would I say good?

That’s the problem for me.

Overall the song is nice enough. More than likely I will watch them perform it and love it. But right now…eh. I was waiting on that moment of oomph. Like nothing popped to me. I also am not a fan of switching genres in songs like that. Here they go from an R&B hip-hop influenced pop sound to something that is very straightforward pop. I’m not into it.

I wasn’t sold on the song, and it seemed to lack direction. From the switching genres, to the overall lack of a defining moment and also I just got lost trying to listen to who was singing. I think with four members who are pretty much on equal footing in terms of vocal ability, you don’t have to cram all Miss A into one verse. (The way they handled Hush was much better than this).

I really liked Jia’s part in the second verse, too bad she didn’t seem to exist beyond that.

The video…well…it exist?

I think having the video start with the skyline of an actual city and then showing them on an obvious studio set is..well…it’s a lot. I think the video could have benefited from being performed outside. Also it just looked awkward, some of the choices in filming and editing just…eh. There is one voice in the chorus they didn’t have to have all of them lipping because we know they ain’t gonna be singing it.

Only You did nothing for me. The lack of power and dynamic moments, the song felt cluttered, the chorus was nice enough, but the switch just seemed lazy…I don’t think this is one of their best tbh…

Whispers: This probably would have been cute on a JYP made beat…but it’s whatever.

Miss A’s new album Colors is out now. Go pick it up!


Source: JYPE Youtube


CLC give us a standard but reliable debut

CLC have done what a lot of groups have not and that is tried to gain interest. Apparently that has not really worked out in some people’s opinions, but…I think it has…eh.

With Cube releasing actual content about the group, and having them interact with the public via their buskering events (random jam sessions on the streets of Seoul…I think), the only thing that they would need is a good song/album to really get them going.

I think Pepe was just that.

I don’t particularly find anything really wrong with this. It’s not a bad song, or really boring. I do think if something could be against it is the fact that the song is rather…well…how many groups have a song that sounds/looks/done just like this? If I can’t think of a song that really just reminds me of this, it is just telling how I think I could hear a song that sounds just like this.

That’s it though. The song is cute and I can shimmy my shoulders a little.

Laboum’s Sugar Sugar is sweet but lacking

I don’t remember Laboum’s debut…it was probably something I did not particularly enjoy. Possibly too sugary with none of the required energy (I think them and Minx were true under dogs around that time though). However it was around the time that Red Velvet had come back that I started to want them back. Once again, I don’t remember what their debut looked like nor do I remember having any sort of opinion about it…but they seemed fun.
So…thankfully they returned..and leave a better impression.

Everything about Sugar Sugar is endearing to me…but I don’t really LOVE it. I think that’s the big problem. I like it, and I find it fun cute and positive, but…I will probably not remember this song by tomorrow. If I were to listen to this some more…probably be one of my favorites by the beginning of summer…but right now, not enough for me.

What Sugar Sugar lacks in impact, it makes up for just being cute and fun. I think what I like about this is that Laboum are giving you cute concept with their flavor. The problem is the flavor really isn’t developed. With groups like GFriend, Lovelyz and Red Velvet (Who teeter the cute line tbh) that have a more fleshed out ideas of their cuteness (even if it is copied and paste), there is little time for Laboum to be trying to get it right.

Still the fun aspect of cuteness is their thing and helps them stand out, it’s only finding the right sound to go with it. They are entertaining (or at least the blonde one is), so why not have a song that makes it fun to be…well fun. Sugar Sugar is almost there. It is a 50’s-60’s inspired pop track, that feels like it could be catchy. The video is fun…and endearing. I just…it’s not enough.

Sugar Sugar isn’t bad, but it definitely lacks that concrete feel that a lot of other rookie groups have brought. That can end up hurting them in the long run…as in they won’t have a long run.

Davichi’s Two Lovers is spring time ready

I don’t know if I talked about Hug, that is how boring it was. However I do have an appreciation for this.

It’s sweet, simple and sounds like Starbucks. Perfect for the upcoming spring. It sounds like a lot of other songs (Some…AkMu…whomever else comes out around this time), which means it feels like an accoustic pop track with light R&B influences. The ladies of Davichi flow over this with little ease. I like that they didn’t pop off, which would have been easy for them considering they are a vocal duo. I wish there were more harmonies between them, but…eh. I hardly hear songs like this where there are multiple voices working together. I don’t know why. Mad Clown assisted on the track and he does as well as expected. He just seems so…clumsy. And I think that is his style. But it feels like it never seems to work on any of the songs I listen to with him on it. Like I really don’t think he is a bad rapper, but just hard to digest.

Other than him, the song was safe, and well done. Of course it isn’t hard to execute a song that is pretty much the Spring time song template. I’m pretty sure there is at least three to five different songs that sound exactly like this every year…if not more. And they are usually beloved. Two Lovers may not be the best thing since slice bread, but it does hit all the standard marks for the spring time hit.

The video was actually nicely predictable. Basic, nothing exciting, but I found myself wondering if they knew about each other (that actually would have been an even better reveal). I do wish they had them talking in their scenes together. Like it felt so fake watching them be pretty eating and drinking at all these expensive places in one day and not communicating at all.

But that’s just me.

Overall I can’t be mad at Two Lovers. Two Lovers really is easy listening background music. Starbucks Music!

It is nonthreatening, has easy appeal and kind of boppable (yes I made up a word). I can see this being a hit (I’m pretty sure that was the intention). They are successful, but after moving to a new company recently a great final blow would be to have even more success at their new company. Hug was nice, but it wasn’t mindblowing. Ideally this would get them some more traction.

Minah’s I Am A Woman Too isn’t a winner


This is so…bland.

The two biggest issues that I hear: the song itself is already not a made for promotions song in itself, and the fact that Minah is not utilized properly here.

First off this sounds like Double Sidekick’s attempt at doing a Brave Brother’s track. The R&B jazzy flavored pop that is redundant as it is weak (and this is coming from someone who actively enjoys most of Brave Brother’s music). The lyrics are muddled and confusing if you do not see one particular line.

The rest of the songs problem lie with Minah herself. I don’t know what happened, or when it happened exactly but Minah’s voice seems to get lighter and obnoxious. Her predebut singing showed more heft in her light soprano voice, but now…eh. Here we hear an even more childish, squeaky voice. Shannon Williams (Whose review is coming out), is a yougn singer whose voice is still in development, yet her voice sound more mature than Minah. If Minah had sung this with some *quote**unquote* power, I would probably be singing a different tune myself.

The music video is nice…I mean she is pretty, the choreography isn’t bad…not much else.

I Am A Woman Too trivializes Minah. Something about the way this song was worded lyrically is just meh. Minah is meh on this…the whole song is just meh.

It’s not even catchy enough to ignore everything else…

I really like Minah, and think she is a talent, but IAWT just doesn’t work for her. This mold works for Girl’s Day…but Minah isn’t Girl’s Day, she is an aspect of that entity. By herself she may be a soft pop, Taylor Swift like singer. Or she may feel comfotrtable doing something like Darling…or whatever. Instead of building an image, song, etc around who Minah is, they just took some standard mold in K Pop and thought she could pull it off. She does her best, but this doesn’t seem to be her lane specifically.

Red Velvet releases Ice Cream Cake, and it is completely different than what I expected

So…I don’t know how to completely feel about it.

It’s way different than I expected. I honestly thought it would be energetic but still very creepy.

I already hear people screaming f(x) right now.

Alright thoughts have been gathered…so lets make sense of this.

I rewrote and deleted a good ten times because I had a problem with the song, but I couldn’t pinpoint the issue. I don’t…the chorus bothers me. It sounds like a videogame, and the rest of the song doesn’t. That’s pretty much it.

It’s very typical SM now. Do a lot in hopes to sound experimental, but really nothing is going on musically. However, I really do fucks with this song.

In the video, we have a lot going on, but not much comes together all the way. I wish the used their setting more effectively. You are in that Motel 6, that abandoned gas station, and someone’s diner from the 1950’s. Why not do more with that. I think a lot of scenes of them just looking pretty could have been devoted to playing around with their scenes. Why was Joy in that gas station? Where were they going (obviously no where but still it could have been like a little roadtrip and they were traveling to each place as a pit stop).

What the fuck was the cat and bouncing balls?

A lot was going on, but none of it really going anywhere for me. Still they looked pretty…I guess. Also Joy and Seulgi slay. All of them are not bad, but the video pretty much focused on Joy and Seulgi most of the time (which wasn’t a bad idea because they were serving face pretty much all of it). I will say I loved what they did in filming it. It doesn’t feel as glossy as the usual SM video, nor does it have pastels

Overall…I’m not mad at this? I like it despite the chorus (kind of wish SM would bring uniformity when they are not doing an R&B based track), although the chorus is still fun. The video is worth nothing but the confirmation of how pretty these lovely ladies are. Eh…that’s all you really need sometimes.

Sources: SMTown


Red Velvet shift gears with Automatic

That is the only car pun I want to happen in this post.

Anyway on the heels of my teaser post that went into depth about the 70’s horror movie vibe I was getting, Red Velvet/SM/Whomever decide that it was only right to fuck with my emotions and validate me in some way.

Let’s discuss…

This is the only still I am doing right now.


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Gain pretty much shot to the top of my faves list with Paradise Lost


Yeah…she did that.

Like my edges were snatched.

Overall I am in love with everything that came from this. Gain is just one of those people who can fuck up a stage with ease. She is that level of performer that I freaking love. Because of that, she is able to adapt to pretty much anything musically.

Compare Bloom to Fxxk You and that horrid Blurred Lines reject (Which she still did a decent job on), to this. Each song stands out and are different (with Blurred Lines and Bloom being the closest in sound and genre), yet she manages to put her stamp on it perfectly. The song takes Bloom and goes a little further. More sexual, more wanting, and darker/edgier.

Video wise, nothing was off. It felt right. I do wish for more simplistic background in one of the dance scenes (the white outfits), just to match the overall feel. But that is minor and really doesn’t even take away from the video.

I love the cavernous gothic sound. I am probably going to do an album review (probably is strong word though).

Overall Gain pretty much sold me on 2015 (which has done a good job picking up musically).

Sources: 1theK

Red Velvet coming back really soon, and they have a new member

So…not too long ago, pictures of Red Velvet appeared in the desert with a new chick. I didn’t want to look into it for several reasons.
However a lot of fans speculated a new member was being added into the mix (an act rather common in K Pop).
Turns out they were right, and we get Yeri!

I honestly hope she is not just a pretty face or an  “actress”. I like Red Velvet (Enough), but they could be a stronger group. They work fine, but some added spark wouldn’t be bad. However here’s hoping she is a good addition and not…just there.

To see how this goes, Red Velvet will be releasing their first ep, Icecream Cake. I saw a tweet in Japanese about it, but I assumed it was for an endorsement deal or something (they were doing the Basken Robbins thing weren’t they?).

Hopefully this goes well, hopefully she is not a waste of space, hopefully their fanbase will be called cupcakes.