KuzzReview: Amber makes a clear definition on Beautiful

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t/don’t really see it for Amber. By that, I just don’t care for her musically. I expected Luna to get the solo before her, but here we are.

Amber released Beautiful earlier in February, and…yeah…review.

(My intros are getting worse)


This feels out of place at the beginning. This should be Amber’s final moment song. It feels too much like the end. Like I would turn off the music when it ended. That’s a good thing and a bad thing. It’s good because all the elements about this song line up to make it work. I love how simple it is musically. It’s pretty much a guitar and her. It has that slight sad feel that comes with a lot of these songs. Like she is trying to accept herself. Her harmonies are light, but not the most effective. Vocally, she gets a pass for having a pretty voice, but that it. The rap portion was terrible.

Shake That Brass

The most SM track on the album…which makes sense since it is the lead single. The song may not be the best musically, but it defines Amber perfectly (as the public figure that we know), and it has the most personality. I think the most infectious part of the song is the horns and percussion that does exist. Other than that, the song is pretty weak. Amber as a rapper is not pleasing to me. But at the same time, I doubt her ability to sell a song with a faster speed. Taeyeon, as dull as she can be brought a little life into the song, although she was going with the motions.

Love Run

The way the song starts reminds me of pop-rock from the late sixties. I like this but there is something about it…I think it is Amber. I…I don’t know. Overall the song has this very easy listening vibe. Like it sounds like unoffensive, light pop from the late sixties, especially in the beginning. When I heard it, I was immediately thinking of a song that it reminded me of. Of course I couldn’t think of anything, but this song recalls that feel to me? Maybe it’s just me.


Eh…I don’t like it. I think the song like Heights could have used some extra drama. Bigger harmonies on top of her high notes. Also Amber’s voice just doesn’t have depth in it. Like she sounds so one dimensional here. I think the only section I like is the part that was just the music. The beat change really gave it some life. I wish she had sung on it. I wish that had been the song. But it isn’t.

I Wanna Know (ft Eric Nam)

I think they put Beautiful in the wrong damn place. Overall, if you have heard Goodbye Summer from Pinktape, you know the deal with this song. Same arrangement, different lyrical content. Still works. Eric is always nice to hear. I never was really a fan of this song as I found it to be really bland. I still do, but I will say it works better with just two voices, and they sound lovely together.

I don’t think I will be putting Beautiful on repeat anytime soon, but I do admire how this album works for Amber. In its own way, Beautiful captured Amber as an artist, without even trying. The music isn’t all the way there. Outside of Shake That Brass (a song whose appeal lies mostly in the brass section), I got lost in songs that just could not keep me captivated. Amber isn’t my cup of tea, and that is okay, but I can get something close to a message from this album. Beautiful feels like the singer/rapper’s life motto (people associate Amber with a different kind of beauty, and going against the standards of femininity) , and Shake That Brass takes her fun lively personality and puts it to music.  I Wanna Know sounds like a lot of the songs she generally participates in, and that means she has recognizable style (or is getting there). The other two songs left me at varied results. Love Run was really chill, and overall pleasant, but I am not screaming to put this on replay. Heights just feels bland to me. It doesn’t really have much to offer to me musically. I don’t know what exactly is off, but it is off.

When it comes to Amber, I think I find her less of an idol. I just don’t think she really is at her best in that setting. She just gets by. I feel like she is more believable in a more acoustic laid back setting. And that is not to be taken as a diss at Amber. Musically this album just screams how much of a soft-pop type of girl Amber really is (also take into consideration the songs that she has contributed on. All soft ballads, with slight rock-acoustic vibes). Beautiful may not be perfect but it does give an insight on the potential artist that Amber can be. And that’s a good start.

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