Music round up: JYP Edition

So while I was on hiatus, I saw that JYP has been lowkey busy musically. As a person who has a strong preference most JYPE acts (and by most I mean the women of JYP), I decided that it would be wrong of me not to look into what was happening.

Let’s get into it.

Justin Thorne ft Yubin: The Heartbroken (remix)

Yubin finally leaving this self-induced vacation that has been going on since 2013…Anyway Yubin got to be apart of this song called The Heartbroken by Justin Thorne (he was a part of this group called NLT…or something like that…I know two of the other members are doing shit, one of them playing Artie on Glee). It’s a remix, and it sounds a shitty one. I think if the beat was a little more focused I would have liked it. The song does several things as if they couldn’t find anywhere to settle on. The chorus is also terrible. Yubin being on this song is the only reason I would even listen to it more than once (And that is for this review). Yubin did alright. Her English still sounds fine. The only reason I am talking about this is because Yubin is doing something/anything, and I/a lot of other people miss her. The only downside to Yubin is that she will continue to deny her rightful place as the Korean Toni Braxton. Other than that…

Otilli ft Yerin (of 15&): Excited

I like everything about this, except the rapper. The way Olltii raps is stylistically hard to get into for me. It’s like he is doing spoken word over the beat…and goes against it. There are moments where he lines up and it works, but those moments are rare for me. The beat is very early 2000’s R&B. It’s very smooth, with some hip-hop vibes, almost neo-soul. I could ride to this. It has this great chill. Yerin handles the chorus, and doesn’t do much else. Still she rides the beat beautifully, and her voice is just naturally calm. I wouldn’t say this is an amazing track, but it is definitely a nice one. The kind you hear on an album, and while it may not be the one that stands out, it is listenable and does well as easy-listening background music.

Joo Hyo ft H:ATFELT (Yeeun of the Wonder Girls): There Must Be Something

On the first listen, this reminded me of Peter Pan from Yeeun’s divine ep. It flows the same way, and it overall sounds the same. I think the one issue I have is how their voices feel like they are on top of the beat. I also see music as being the room you are in. You shouldn’t be on top of it…if that makes sense. Other than that, I love how beautiful they sound together. I love the somber brightness of the music. I love it. Like I said it does feel a little too similar to Peter Pan, which in turn feels/sounds like other acoustic soft-pop-rock ballads. There Must Be something does nearly everything right, and we still get a beautiful song out of it.

There are others such as Wooyoung and I think JB’s OST. But I frankly don’t give a fuck (Although I listened to Rose and liked it). Musically I don’t think this is the strongest batch of releases. There Must Be Something is the strongest, and despite my little annoyance…it’s a sound song. Excited is a very nice easy listening track, but I really am not a fan of the main artist’s style choice, it really doesn’t mesh well with the beat. The Heartbroken sounded super generic turned bad remix, and the only reason to even give it something of a chance is because Yubin reminds us she exist. Despite all of this, I really do appreciate seeing some of my favorites doing other shit.

So I’ll take it…hopefully we will see some traction from them later…right now…this is something.


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