I don’t know who Lip Service is, but they released something and it’s not bad

Apparently this is a group. Apparently people like them. Apparently they lost a member and are now a duo.


Anyway, here is their music video

This is a good song brought all the way down by a bad video.

I like how the talent was used. I wasn’t bored. I bopped along. It’s a genuinely cute song, and it actually reminds me of when boygroups try to do something gentler and fun. It has that same swift charisma you hear in Infinite H’s Pretty.

The video is where things go sour. They couldn’t even get a white backdrop…It was basically them recording the song, them rehearsing the dance we may never see, them looking pretty and being awesome, with some shots of them out in public. It’s a bad video, which is unfortunate because the song is really good.

Eh…well Lip Service is back(?). A member short, a penny less, with a bad video, but they are back.


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