Shinhwa bring the heat with Sniper

When they last came back, I honestly did not give a fuck. This Love was…bland. But people swore up and down these dudes were worth it. Still they went awhile before they came back…so I didn’t invest in trying to find out about them. Now they are back with Sniper, and I am here for it.

This sounds like what SM wants Exo to be so badly. I just…I like it.

Also I know Shinhwa was an SM produced group, but it is strange to hear just how SM they sound (almost all of SM’s vocalist have that certain sound to them when they sing).

Anyway, I like it. I like how unorthodox it sounds (which has been something SM has been trying to do for the last couple of years). Like there is very little about it that sounds melodious. It’s edgy, with a slight spaghetti western film edge to it (Thanks to that whistle). Instead the beauty comes from the group vocally. The harmonies are light, tight, and flow.

The rapping is standard, I don’t know who is singing what, but I can tell you I don’t particularly care to find out.

Overall…I don’t know the group well enough to say how this stands in their overall catalog (I think this is better than This Love, but anything is better than that song), but I think this definitely is worth it.

The video is…well it is standard. I think if they focused on the dancing I would have cared more. Once again, these are some pretty men, but I don’t know who they are, so I have no interest in them looking in the distance with the trademark light-skinned squint.

Sniper is a shot in the right direction. We have had a few good comebacks, but other than 4Minute’s Crazy, nothing dynamic has really caught me. This right here definitely shook the game, if only for a little while. Hopefully Sniper will be the beginning of a good streak.


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