Rainbow’s Black Swan could have been everything.

Raibow have returned with the electronic Black Swan

I definitely like this. But I am not completely sold on it. I think what I am missing is something dynamic. Not in the way of big and loud. The song isn’t big and loud. But it feels like they (the group) sound so…meh to me.

Look at songs like Hate You by Ladies Code, almost anything by Lee Hi, and Sunmi. They had that dead, murky sound to them. It worked for those songs. Those songs are usually darker in a sense, and have a less traditional vibe to them. Black Swan is the EDM cousin.

I think on Black Swan, a murkier, more lifeless like approach to their singing would have sold it for me.

Other than that, I love what’s going on. I love the Gothic EDM vibe. It’s catchy in its own way. I love how sparse it feels. The music is slightly barren, and it works in bringing that somber feel. I think with a more defined style singing wise, the song would have been just right.Black Swan does not have a lot of things going on musically, so everything had to be hit just right. What they missed was a vocal performance that felt as lifeless as the music comes across.

The video is lovely. I love the imagery. The darkness, and overall grey color pallet. I reallyhave no complaints on that end.

I think Black Swan is damn near perfect. While it missed the mark on the singing, I think it is still catchy and fun enough to listen to regardless. Rainbow has something good in their hands, and hopefully people will be receptive to it.


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