Niel’s solo…well it is nice.

I came out of the gate and said Niel was going to slay, but obviously he wants to prove me wrong.

The song isn’t bad. I actually like where it was going, and where it went. With each part the song adds to it, and finally becomes something funky. The first section (intro, verse 1, and chorus) are really light pop in sound. I didn’t understand why he was dancing on this section as hard as he was because it didn’t look smooth. Like chill the hell out Niel, sis you can pop off on the second verse.

The second verse becomes much more R&B in sound and vibe. This is also where the dancing turns into a Michael Jackson tribute session. I swear he did every move and signature from Bad era up. We get this breakdown on the bridge, a rap verse by someone I don’t care about. It was nice…

I’m not in love with how simple Niel sounds here. The entire thing feels like an ode to Michael, and we don’t need another one of those ever (unless they are going to hit us with something from the Off The Wall era, but I doubt that). He sounds very boring, which doesn’t match how he looks on stage because I was getting my life off of his performance value.

If I were to have just listened to this, I would like it, and it would be my spring opening jam. I think Niel could have done better as a singer, but that’s it.


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