JYP will do a survival show to find their next girl group

Because it’s now the most overused concept in the last year, JYP is going to have a survival show…for their girl group.

Here is a link to the story…
This will be under Mnet, who also helped with Winner,iKon, and Starship’s No Mercy. Apparently this is pretty much Making The Band now, so why not test the waters for a girl group.
Last year it was assumed that the new girl group would come to fruition (6Mix was the name that people were going with). We got those documents (to which had no validity but that’s whatever) telling us all the plans for 2014…how much of that came true? Well the girl group didn’t happen, and neither did the other boy group. Still we had a lot telling us they would happen. Poeple were being creepy as fuck taking pictures of a bunch of girls assumed to be in the group. Lena got to debut (well a partial one) as the guest rapper on Sunmi’s Full Moon.
It just seemed like there was a lot saying yes to a debut, but as stated earlier it didn’t happen. I don’t remember the specifics off the top of my head, but I am sure a couple of girls left JYP. I know for sure Lena did…maybe there was one or two more…eh.
I think what was supposed to happen was a debut, but near the end stretch Lena decided to bow out, and that forced JYP to have to go back to the drawing board. I bet JYP signed up for Mnet last year, but had to wait their turn because Starship got to it first.

Anyway this show will do one thing really…make us want to support these girls. We don’t have a lot of female idols boohooing on camera about how hard it is in trainee life in real time. Outside of Nine Muses (And that was just a skeevy situation in the first place), I don’t really recall looking into the female idol prep life. On the flipside for guys we have: That One Day show (which resulted in 2PM and 2AM), I think Big Bang got a documentary, VIXX was made on a competition, Both YG’s new boygroups, and Starship’s No Mercy show. JYP managed to get some small attention for his upcoming boygroups (only one made it in the year of 2014) thanks to YG’s WIN.

These shows foster sympathy (for the most part), a following, and potential attention from endorsements…you are a leg up where most trainees are not.

At least that’s how I view it.

For a girl group to do it…well I don’t know. I don’t want to sit here and say there will be explicitly different things about the show, but I don’t want to leave that off the table.

Anyway this isn’t happening until April, which means their debut will probably be September. That means we can get all the other ladies of JYPE out, because as far as we are concerned, JYP is going to put a lot of emphasis on the new crew.

(Sidenote: JYP=The company not the man, too lazy to put the E at the end.)


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