Amber demands we Shake That Brass

Amber’s solo debut is here, and I don’t have much of an intro so here we go…

I have not been on board for an Amber only solo because I just don’t think she is worth it. Still with some guidance from higher ups anything is possible (me liking her music).

I don’t hate this. I don’t 100% like it, but I don’t hate it.

Even after the first listen, I thought of two things. This could have been an f(x) track, and this is exactly Amber.

The first point is irrelevant to this post, so no need to talk about it.

The song being very Amber is a very positive thing. Amber is fun, charismatic, and doesn’t take herself very seriously (as in she is laidback). Amber is not pretentious, so she came out with a song that pretty much defines that.

In comparison to everyone else’s solo, this one plays well with Amber’s strengths. Her personality.

I love how it sounds like a high school marching band…I was in Marching Band, and while I usually act like it was one of the worst times of my life (it was), I still loved it in a way. I also like that there wasn’t a chorus. Having no hook saved this song.

Taeyeon’s addition was the only vocal part I actually liked.

Overall I think they got it right for Amber. It’s not the best thing in the world, but it does help pick up in this final winter month.

The video, once again plays to Amber’s strengths. We are not giving yet another angsty, whiny ass video with chains and dark color pallets and hunched over sadness. We got a brightly colored, personality filled video. It’s essentially Amber in multiple scenes. The only issue is, Amber’s….you know what I am going to be nice.

I liked the video enough. All the cameos were fun. That’s it.

Shake That Brass exceeded my expectations, mainly due to the fact that they didn’t try to push Amber beyond her abilities, and played up to her biggest strengths, most notably her unoffensive personality. It’s fun, it’s bright, and it makes me feel a little more positive.


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