4Minute comes hard with Crazy (plus talk about Cold Rain)

I like 4Minute, but I don’t…care for 4Minute. That’s it. Anyway they are back….after releasing a bit of a light snack in Cold Rain, we were basically waiting for what would come next…

What came next was a 180 in sound, direction and look.

Here is Crazy.


I love it. It’s big, hard hitting, edgy (in a sense).  I think the only thing I don’t love about it is the beat, which feels like a composite of several different songs, and their worst attributions. I think trap (is that wha the genre is called?) in K Pop is very counterproductive considering that K Pop in itself is meant to be catchy and listenable.

It doesn’t feel like it was meant to follow musically. I don’t know. It’s not just catchy, but I couldn’t vibe with it. But I still fucks with this song heavily.

I think this works for 4minute in some way. It’s “edgier” (or at least meant to be), but very in route of them. Like this doesn’t feel truly left field and a massive “concept” change (what is 4Minute’s concept?). It’s like they took the group’s original template and played around with it.

The video is also another strong point. I love it…for the most part.

I do think the whole swag/hardcore/wild=taking inspiration from Hip-Hop culture and shit is tired (but that’s for another post), and…

*Insert comments on cultural appropriation being bad, and all that*

I don’t have the time.

Outside of the obvious little problem of that…I like the video. 4Minute as a group seems workable. And they adapt to this really well.

I like the bucket hats.

I like the song. I like the video (for the most part). Here’s hoping their album will slay.




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