15& continue a good streak with Love Is Madness

For whatever reason, 15& are not promoting their latest single Love Is Madness.

Why? I don’t know. I see them in school uniforms so I think they are back in school, which means very little time for musical efforts (which can take a lot of time in the first place)…

Whatever the reason, 15& essentially have a good single, especially for the upcoming Valentine’s Day (aka peak cuffing season).

I am into this. I think it fits them. They are the pop-R&B duo who sing very ordinary pop (in my opinion). By ordinary I mean the music doesn’t feel like it belongs in K Pop, which tends to have a bright charismatic feel to it.  Outside of a couple of singles, 15& have been a very smooth sailing kind of group. Sugar was the most K Pop in sound they have ever done, followed by Somebody (both singles were not exactly fan favorites from my understanding). But overall you are looking at a group that just feels unlike the others. That can be a strength and a weakness, but for them…eh…the music is good.

(Note: This does not mean 15& are some unique entity in music and that makes them superior above all others. I just see this as a way that helps define them, if only in a small way)

What I love about the song is how they look at love negatively. The song itself is overwhelming negative (on top of a groove of a beat), and reading the lyrics made me nod my head. They are in a break up, and see how fucked up love can be. They regret falling for someone, and think it is crazy to do that to yourself. But secretly they know it will happen again. I like that. Of course this is all from the post break up point of view, but it is still a valid feeling…to me.

Musically, I was never really bored. You got two nice voices, and musically the song keeps a nice pace (especially for a semi torch song).  The way the song started off made it seem like we were getting a overly glossed, predictable Korean ballad, but instead we got this. It has traces of it, but going for a more prominent R&B sound made it more bearable for me.

I don’t really have a complaint. They did well. It feels appropriate for the time. Get the bitter lonely singles.  This isn’t the life changing song, but there is no promo tactics going behind this other then a small show to be held on Valentine’s Day. Because of that, I don’t actually have anything to really say (although the song went #1 on Melon *first for the ladies*, and was close to a roof hit).

Love Is Madness may not feel like anything special for the teen-duo, but at the same time it feels appropriate. Like a little notch in their belt of songs that work for them.

Love Is Madness it out right now…go get it…or not.


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